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Adidas Backland Prescription Goggles

With the Adidas Backland Goggles in prescription you get a Helmet ready goggle that will cover you for low light to sunnier days.

We will fit the Adidas Backland with an Rx insert with your full prescription and set the frame up with the insert attached ready to wear.

The inserts are available for the Adidas Backland with two prescription lens options,

1) Value prescription lenses - even our value lenses are a mid index polycarbonate material with a hard coat.

2) Thin and lite prescription lenses - these are made up with 1.67 index lenses plus Anti-reflection. Advised if your prescription is over +/- 4.00.

A little Bit About the Adidas Backland Goggles aD80

The Adidas Backland is the newest member of the Adidas Ski Goggles. With a large eye coverage and a very wide field of view. The lenses are developed to cover you over medium to sunnier light conditions.

The Adidas Backland models have all the Adidas Goggles features,

1) Climacool ventilation system, uninterrupted vision

Adidas Backland Goggles Frame dimensions:

One size (Fits all)

Right Eye

Left Eye

Pupillary Distance (PD)

Adidas Backland Prescription Goggles