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Uvex Cevron Prescription Goggles

Uvex Cevron Goggles

The Uvex Cevron goggles are part of the best selling family of ski goggles. With unparalleled vision at any angle.

Uvex lenses in the Uvex Cevron

Uvex lenses are one of the best on the ski goggle market. This new technology gives the ski wearer clear vision in all weather condition. If its snowing heavily the tint improves contrast and depth perception allowing you to clearly see the contours in the snow ahead.

In bright sunny conditions the Uvex lenses cut the glare and stop you squinting. Whilst stopping the glare the Oakley Cevron goggle is still lifting your contrast. Improving every aspect of your skiing experience on the slopes.

Uvex Warranty

Because extreme eyewear is a premiere account all our Cevron Ski goggles come with a 2 year warranty. This is great as every standard supplier can only supply the goggles with a 1 year warranty.

Right Eye

Left Eye

Pupillary Distance (PD)

Uvex Cevron Prescription Goggles

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