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Adidas Prescription Sunglasses

At extreme eyewear we manufacture prescription lenses on very high curves in order to fit Adidas prescription sunglasses without affecting their fit whilst maintaining your vision with the use of new Digital enhanced prescription lenses.

Adidas prescription sunglasses come with a three year warranty against frame faults.

Adidas Prescription Sunglasses - Wrap around sunglasses fitted directly with your prescription.

Firstly we have to advised that Adidas eyewear is developed and manufactured by the leading eyewear brand in Austria, Silhouette ltd, they are renowned for their rimless and plastic frames. Each frame is individually developed with the help of leading athletes. Silhouette are so good at what they do in the eyewear market Adidas prescription sunglasses come with a 3 year warranty. That's longer than any other brand.

Adidas prescription sunglasses are developed with world-class athletes, this unique input from the world of sport carves the shapes and features into the eyewear that drive performance forward.

Adidas sunglasses are an essential piece of your sports outfit and will drive your performance forward, no slip designs, huge levels of adjustability and quick lens interchange are just the tip of the iceberg.

We supply Adidas prescription sunglasses with the very latest technology in corrective prescription lenses. These lenses are amazing, taking into account the frame dimensions, curvatures and sitting angles on your face the software that generates the lenses recalibrates your prescription so what you see when looking through the lenses feels no different to your everyday glasses. This reduces eyestrain and improves peripheral view.

So for all you golfers out there looking down away from the Centre of the lenses will be as clear and distortion free as if you were looking with your naked eye, minus the glare!

Adidas prescription sunglasses evil eye halfrim

Adidas Prescription Sunglasses Personalised Fit

Angle of the side – a three-point adjustable side movement allows for a closer fit either towards the top of the sunglasses or the bottom. However this feature is more used to make the sunglasses appear straight even if you have slightly uneven ears.

Individual nose positions – The nose pads have 2-3 different positions. This allows for Adidas sunglasses to sit correctly over the bridge of your nose. So if sunglasses typically sit to high on your nose or too low this feature is ideal.
Size – Maybe this is the simplest but most effect solution for a sunglasses brand to give their customers the best possible fit. And its to simple create each model in different sizes, the majority of the Adidas Sunglasses range is available in small and large with new Extra Small models being introduced also.

Adidas prescription sunglasses - The Benefits

Adidas Wrap-around frame

Adidas eyewear wraps more than any other brand, up to a 10 base, compare this to the likes of Oakley, rudy Project and bolle which only go up to a 8-base wrap and Adidas prescription sunglasses gives you more protection, greater stability and a greater field of view.

adidas prescription sunglasses high wrapped sunglasses

Adidas Anti-Fog prescription sunglasses

Adidas call their anti-fog technology, ClimaCool™, based on a dynamic ventilation technology which allows Adidas prescription sunglasses to be fog free.

adidas prescription sunglasses anti-fog

Adidas Interchangeable prescription lenses

Adidas prescription sunglasses have a lens lock system which enables easy and quick lens interchange. This can either be between prescription lenses or even to put non-prescription lenses in if you wear contacts every so often.

adidas prescription sunglasses interchangeable lenses

Adidas Quick release sides

This is very clever, the side has no screws and no metal components, with the hinge mechanism allowing the temples to be easily reinserted and clicked into position by hand.

adidas prescription sunglasses quick release hinge

Adidas pressure free fit

Adidas prescription sunglasses have a traction grip that offers a stable fit whilst staying pressure free.

adidas prescription sunglasses pressure free temples

Adidas Helmet and headwear compatible

Adidas have developed their prescription sunglasses range to be compatible with helmets and headwear, angles, curves and materials all work together to maintain the perfect fit whilst wearing in conjunction with headwear.

adidas prescription sunglasses helmet compatability

Adidas sweat blocker

In order to reduce fogging and troublesome sweat adidas have developed a sweat blocker which efficiently stops sweat in its tracks.

adidas prescription sunglasses sweat blocker

Adidas Head Strap

Adidas have developed a head strap that completely replaces the sides on their prescription sunglasses. this method allows for a more comfortable fit, maintaining the sports sunglasses beneficial characteristics.

Adidas prescription sunglasses personalised fit

Adidas angle of prescription lenses

No one's head is the same, so to make sure every wearer gets a perfect fit and vision Adidas have developed a three point click system. This enables the wearer to make sure their prescription sunglasses fit perfectly to achieve visual perfection.

Adidas prescription sunglasses angle of prescription lenses

Adidas prescription sunglasses changeable nose positions

Adidas sunglasses have adjustable nose pieces to give a perfect fit across your nose and supply a pressure free fit.

adidas prescription sunglasses adjustable nose bridge

Adidas prescription sunglasses are available in different sizes

This is rare these days so it's nice to see a company still puts fit and practicality above profits of masproduction. Adidas prescription sunglasses come in two or three sizes for each model. These are identical in design, so regardless of which size you choose you will get all the same features but with the perfect fit.

Adidas prescription sunglasses material

Adidas prescription sunglasses are made from a plastic called SPX, this material is sley only used for Adidas sunglasses and has incredible properties.

  • Lightweight for comfort
  • Flexible, strong and force resistant.
  • eguards this stability and offers resistance to temperature variations.
  • Scratch resistant

Adidas performance prescription inserts

Since the days of Adidas prescription sunglasses were launched optical inserts have been an important part of the Adidas Sunglass collection. These neat prescription inserts offer a great tool for high prescription at an affordable price. You will be supplied with the standard Adidas Sunglasses plus an Adidas optical insert that has been fitted with prescription lenses.

Right Eye

Left Eye

Pupillary Distance (PD)

Adidas prescription sunglasses adjustable sides

Adidas prescription sunglasses adjustable nose pieces

Adidas Prescription Sunglasses