Bolle Jude prescription sunglasses – What extreme-eyewear say

With Bolle Freeform lenses in the Bolle Jude Prescription sunglasses we are able to correct up to -8.00 / + 6.00 spheres and even up to 4 cyls whilst keeping your peripheral vision focus sharp. Bolle use wrap around recalibration software to make sure your prescription is correctly adjusted to take into account the high curve on the lenses, what this simply means is the cleave people at Bolle make the Bolle Jude prescription sunglasses shiny black feel like your everyday pair of glasses.

Bolle keep the design clean and simple with these classic Jude prescription sunglasses, maintaining a secure fit and rubber ear pads to ensure extreme comfort and sturdiness whilst you are being active.

The simply halfrim design on the Bolle Jude is a winner and will always stay in fashion, these are ideal for any sport, but especially for those who like an uninterrupted view with no frame in the way.

With this option you will be supplied with the official Bolle Jude prescription sunglasses shiny black frame and your choice of prescription Bolle prescription lenses, plus a Bolle cleaning pouch and hard case.

What extreme-eyewear think about the Bolle Jude prescription sunglasses?

This is a classic sports sunglasses, with a style that is timeless. Its a sure winner for anyone, whether you’re male or female.

The style of this frame, missing the rim around the bottom normally means high prescriptions are a no go due to the lens thickness not looking very attractive. However with the Bolle Jude prescription sunglasses using the new B-thin Bolle prescription lenses high prescription up to -8.00 can be successfully fitted and look cosmetically pleasing.

Bolle prescription lenses are available in all the favourite lens finishes, transitions (Bolle call theirs Modulator lenses, but they are the same), polarised, and the new lens material Trivex (offers better clarity of vision compared to the traditional polycarbonate sports lens material)



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