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Maui Jim Prescription Sunglasses

Maui Jim prescription sunglasses have built a solid reputation through their determination to push the boundaries of how good an sunglasses lens can perform. Using Polarised Plus2 Maui Jim prescription lenses you eliminate 99.9% glare whilst maintaining a bright on look at the world.

Maui Jim prescription sunglasses

Firstly we need to tell you about Maui Jim's return policy, all Maui Jim prescription sunglasses come with a 60 days warranty which means if you are not happy with the vision or even wished you'd picked the bronze lens and not the Grey polarised lenses Maui Jim will remake your entire order. Now that's confidence in your brand, and why not we've not come across someone yet who wouldn't recommend Maui Sunglasses. This is in addition to the standard 2 year warranty Maui Jim supply with all prescription sunglasses, even covering scratching in the first year.

Maui Jim Prescription Sunglasses delivery exceptional clarity through the use of digitally mastered prescription lenses. Plus all Maui Jim award winning features such as Polarised2plus are included in the Maui prescription range. The great news is you get every single amazing feature as supplied on Maui Jim's standard sunglasses but combined with your full spectacle prescription, eliminating 99.9% of glare whilst leaving your vision vibrant with high contrast.

Maui Jim Prescription Sunglasses Lens Technology

Conventional prescription lenses obscure your view of the world around you, especially in the temporal edges, Maui Jim's new Passport Digitally manufactured prescription lenses open your view to clear clarity from one edge of the lens to the other. These lenses use software to re-calibrate your spectacle prescription across the entire lens taking into account changes in curvature and how the sunglasses fit.

All Maui Jim prescription sunglasses come with Maui Jim's PolarizedPlus2 polarised filters,

Maui Jim Colour, Clarity and Detail

  • Glare elimination – Maui Jim Prescription PolarizedPlus2 eliminates 99.9% of glare, allowing you to see the world laid out in front of you.

Maui jim prescription sunglasses have their polarised filter fused to the lens itself, the result is superior precision, absolute clarity and elimination of glare.maui jim prescription sunglasses polarised lenses

Bi-Mirrored Polarised Maui Jim Prescription Sunglasses

Maui Jim's bi-gradient lens is their original and still best selling lens finish. Having a flash mirror applied to top and bottom parts of the maui jim prescription lenses to reflect hazardous sunlight glare, whilst leaving your eyes relaxed when appearing straight forward through the clear section of the lens.

maui jim prescription sunglasses bi gradient mirror

Maui Jim prescription lenses MauiGradient

MauiGradient is a stylish new mirror developed for a more stylish finish. This mirror starts darker at the top and gradually lightens as it goes down the lenses. Giving the Maui Jim prescription lenses an attractive appearance whilst stopping 99.9% of harmful glare.

maui jim prescription sunglasses mauigradient mirror

Maui Jim prescription lenses anti-reflection coating

Eye strain can be caused just as easily from glare behind you as glare from your front view, Maui Jim prescription lenses have an anti-reflection coating applied to the back surface of their lenses to eliminate any glare coming from behind.maui jim prescription sunglasses anti reflection coating

Maui Jim Prescription Sunglasses Colour Enhancement

Colour Enhancement - Most sunglass brands only darken your view leaving very poor contrast and faded colours, Maui Jim Prescription PolarizedPlus2 lenses allow the colour through that your eyes naturally absorb so you see vibrant, strong colours and increased contrast with impeccable depth perception. This allows you to wear Maui jim Prescription sunglasses in mixed light conditions, low light, mid light and bright light.

maui jim prescription lenses enhanced colour

Maui Jim Prescription Lenses Eye Health Protection

Maui Jim prescription sunglasses provide 100% UV protection for both your eyes and the surrounding skin. The Maui Lenses have UVA, UVB and uvc protection, this is very rare and offers full eye and skin protection.

maui jim prescription lenses UV protection

Maui Jim prescription lenses Hard Coated for Scratch resistance

Maui Jim's ClearShell hard coat is applied to every prescription lens Maui Jim produces to give exceptional strength. Another layer is then applied to give water and oil protection, allowing water and snow to freely fall off the lens surface and fingerprints too easily be wiped clear.

maui jim prescription lenses hard coat scratch resistant

Maui Jim's name is their strongest attribute and in order to keep this they decided to build their own spectacle prescription laboratory. This state of the art facility allows complete control and tough quality control levels so the high quality people have come to expect is maintained throughout Maui Jim prescription sunglasses.

Over 95% of the Maui Jim's sunglass range is available with your spectacle prescription.

Maui Jim Prescription Frame Technology

The frames used for Maui jim prescription sunglasses are exactly the same as the Maui Jim non-prescription models. Supplied with a 2 year warranty you are covered for any breakages, if you have any problems maui Jim will replace your broken frame with a brand new one.

Maui Jim Prescription Sunglasses 2 year Lens warranty

Your Maui Jim prescription sunglasses are supplied with a 2 year warranty, with the first year even covering scratch. Outstanding customer care comes as standard from Maui Jim, so much so they have the strongest returning custom of any sunglasses brand. This warranty can be either used via ourselves or direct with Maui Jim.


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Maui Jim Prescription Sunglasses