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Maui Jim Kanaha Prescription Sunglasses

The Maui Jim Kanaha prescription sunglasses with Maui Jim prescription lenses delivers lightweight, durable sunglasses with a cosmetically pleasing finish. The sleek, clean design allows for the Makaha prescription sunglasses to appear non prescription when worn.

Right Eye

Left Eye

Pupillary Distance (PD)

Maui Jim Kanaha Prescription Sunglasses

maui Jim Kanaha prescription sunglasses offer an incredibly lightweight pair of sunglasses with all the benefits of Maui Jim lenses,

Glare elimination – Maui Jim Prescription PolarizedPlus2 eliminates 99.9% of glare. Allowing you to see the world laid out in front of you through your Kanaha prescription sunglasses.
Colour Enhancement – Most sunglass brands only darken your view leaving very poor contrast and faded colours. Maui Jim Prescription PolarizedPlus2 lenses allow the colour through that your eyes naturally absorb so you see vibrant, strong colours and increased contrast with impeccable depth perception.
Eye Health – Maui Jim Kanaha prescription sunglasses provide 100% UV protection for both your eyes and the surrounding skin.
Lens Protection – Maui Jims ClearShell hard coat is applied to every prescription lens Maui Jim produces to give exceptional strength. Another layer is then applied to give water and oil protection, allowing water and snow to freely fall off the lens surface and fingerprints to easily be wiped clear.
With an easy eye shape that will suit a wide range of face shapes and rubber nose pads to ensure staying power even when you’re working hard. This Maui Jim Kanaha prescription sunglass will fit in with both regular driving / holidays and weekend sporting activities.

maui Jim Kanaha prescription sunglasses Eye Size: 64-15

Base Curve: 8.00

Maui Jim Kanaha Prescription Sunglasses

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