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Oakley Straight Jacket Prescription Sunglasses OTD EDGE

The Oakley True Digital EDGE lenses enable you to purchase authentic Oakley Straight Jacket prescription sunglasses with their new thinner EDGE lens technology.

Oakley realised that the majority of spectacle wearers do not use the most temporal edge of the lens and so started work on a new lens that would use this to their advantage in order to produce a lens that is both thinner and lighter.

The lenses appear no different from the front, so when worn just look like any regular pair of Oakley Straight Jacket sunglasses but on the rear of the EDGE lenses Oakley frost off around 5mm of the most temporal edge. This is genuinely amazing technology and when we have tried them out you can not see the frosting when wearing the sunglasses but you are left with a pair of sunglasses that feel incredibly lightweight and attractive.

We have found this technology is especially good for plus (+) customers and high minus (-). We would recommend looking at these for plus prescriptions above +1.00 and Minus prescriptions above -3.00. If you need advise as always please give us a call.

Oakley Straight Jacket is a classic wrap around timeless sunglass, ideal for wearing whilst driving or on holiday. Hints of Oakley can be found on the sides with the Oakley ‘O’ logo.

The Oakley Straight Jacket EDGE prescription sunglass can be purchased with a wide selection of Oakley True Digital lenses. These prescription lenses are specifically engineered for sunglass frames taking into account their curve and dimensions to deliver unbeatable vision, even when gazing temporally.

All the Oakley patented finishes are available including Oakley Iridium mirrored coatings and Polarised filters so if you wear glasses relax because you have just read correct, Oakley Prescription Sunglasses are available.

With this option your Oakley Straight Jacket with EDGE Prescription lenses will come direct from Oakley in the USA. Complete with an Oakley cleaning pouch and Hard Case.

Oakley Straight Jacket Eye Size: 61 – 18

Base Curve: 8.75

Right Eye

Left Eye

Pupillary Distance (PD)

Oakley Straight Jacket Prescription Sunglasses OTD EDGE

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