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This page is specific to cycling prescription sunglasses, with each frame being selected for their merits for cycling. Anti-fog air flow systems, multi fit adjustable frames, and extreme comfort whilst maintaining a secure fit. We really have got you the best cycling prescription sunglasses.

Cycling Prescription Sunglasses

Cycling glasses are plenty, with different shapes and colours to choose from. But if you need a spectacle prescription correction you have one or two 'special' frames to choose from Right? At extreme-eyewear.co.uk we're very happy to tell you no, you can choose from over 95% of our site :-)

Am I stuck with flat non-wrapped cycling prescription sunglasses?

In simple terms no, you can have your prescription directly glazed (fitted) into your own choice of cycling prescription sunglasses. We have every type of lens available including transitions, Vario NXT (Sports specific reaction lenses that have a base tint instead of the classic transitions clear to dark), and polarised prescription lenses.

Of cause we also supply more standard colours as well such as brown, grey, orange, and clear for night / winter.

All the lenses we supply have 100% UV protection, are classified sports protection lenses / impact resistant and come with hard coats. You also have the options of Anti-reflection, and mirror coatings.

What type of Prescription Lenses should I be looking at for Cycling?

You are going to want either a cycling prescription sunglasses that reacts to different light conditions

1) Transitions - this is a brand of reaction lenses. They react from clear to either dark grey or brown. Available with Anti-reflection or a mirror coating. Transitions are the fastest and best lenses on the market and available from Oakley True Digital or our own Xtreme lenses. These lenses are ideal id you commute or cycle at dusk or night time.

2) NXT Vario lenses - these are sports specific lenses supplied with a base tint which stays constant, they then have an additional layer which reacts to the sun light. Ideal if you only use your cycling prescription sunglasses on in the day time. You can choice orange, copper or yellow base tints which will lift your vision in low light.

or a solid tinted lens that copes well with changing light conditions,

1) Choose rose, brown or orange base tints which will lift your contrast and depth perception in low light. A good trick is to choose a cycling prescription sunglasses that has a mirror coating in front of  one of these tints, this way the mirror will reflect away dazzling sunlight when brighter but still have a good contrast lifting tint for lower light conditions.

Good cycling prescription lenses to look out for include,

Oakley prescription sunglasses VR28 Black Iridium Polarised (Or the non-polarised version)

Oakley 00 Red Iridium Polarised

Oakley 00 Black Iridium Polarised

Oakley Bronze Polarised

Xtreme Polarised Brown Silver Mirror (Basically the same as Oakley VR28 Black Iridium Polarised)

Oakley Transitions Grey or Brown (with either Anti-reflection or Iridium Mirrors)

Xtreme Transitions (Same as the Oakley version)

Xtreme Vario NXT (Base tinted reaction lenses, orange to brown or yellow to grey are amazing lenses for cycling)

cycling prescription sunglasses lens tints

Why do extreme-eyewear offer own brand lenses as well as branded prescription lenses?

There are two main reasons, the main reason being branded lenses only have a specific power range. With many of our customers prescriptions falling outside these ranges it was important for us to offer a solution.

We have sourced our Xtreme lenses from the company responsible for designing Oakley, Adidas, and Rudy Project prescription lenses. These are FREEFORM digitally precise lenses, which correct your vision across the entire lens from central to peripheral view. These lenses take your prescription, the measurements from your choice cycling prescription sunglasses and your individual pupil distance and recalibrate your prescription across 100's of reference points over the lens surface. What this means is the lenses physically change power when you view through different points in the lens, with each point having the correct calibration for the exact parameters at that specific point.

What this means in english is that these lenses are incredibly clever and will correct your vision across the entire lens. This is new technology and not offered by the majority of suppliers.

What do I need from my Cycling prescription sunglasses frames?

You can't go much wrong with staying with plastic frames and steering away from metal frames. Sounds a bit basic? Well it isn't really much harder than that as Extreme-eyewear filters the frames and lenses to only show you which cycling prescription sunglasses are suitable so we've made it easy for you :-)

Another tip is is enter your prescription into the home page and select cycling prescription sunglasses, we will then only show you whats available in your prescription, how good is that!

Right Eye

Left Eye

Pupillary Distance (PD)

We have been making cycling prescription sunglasses up for customers for over 10 years now, technology has evolved but the best frame styles for cycling remain.

The prescription lens technology is easy, we simply use the very best for every single pair of cycling prescription sunglasses we sell. These are digitally enhanced prescription lenses, meaning your prescription is recalibrate for the exact curvature on the frame you choose.

Even more we supply every prescription lens type, transitions, Polarised, NXT Reaction lenses, and mirrors.

We'll keep it simple and show you the best 4 cycling prescription sunglasses. You will see a lot more than listed on this page and if you've tried one on and loved the fit and style then go for it but if you simply don't know then pick the cycling frame you like the look of best out of these 4 and you'll get a fantastic pair of cycling prescription sunglasses.

All these frames are directly glazed, where your prescription lenses are made on a high curve to go straight into the frame. (No Inserts)

Rudy Project Rydon Cycling Prescription Sunglasses

Probably the best selling cycling prescription sunglasses. Incredibly adjustable, ideal for adjusting to fit perfect with your cycling helmet.

Great directional air flow that maximises fog free, added even further with the adjustable nose pads which can be set to make the sunglasses stand further away from your face to further reduce fogging up.

Who will these suit - The Rydon prescription sunglass is made for the road and mountains, if you simply want a pair that functions best on your bike and will be wearing a set of Oakley's or Ray Bans for driving / Holidays then these are perfect.

Best Lenses to check out - Xtreme NXT Varia Orange to Dark Brown (Amazing lenses that have a constant orange tint which also reacts to a dark brown in sunshine, great contrast lifter)

Xtreme NXT Varia Yellow to Dark Grey (Same as above but with a yellow constant tint, the constant tint is lighter making it suitable for night time cycling as well, but it does react to a dark grey for sunshine as well)


Rudy Project cycling prescription sunglasses



Oakley Flak Jacket XLJ Cycling prescription Sunglasses

Oakley has the name but can they perform? The simple answer is yes, Oakley have made it to the number 1 spot through reinvestment in technology and leading quality.

The Flak Jacket XLJ cycling prescription sunglasses are perfect for serious cyclists who also want to double up their sunglasses wear for driving / holidays. With a stylish frame and cosmetically pleasing appearance the Oakley Flak Jacket XLJ are the perfect pair for cycling once up to several times a week plus general wear.

These can be purchased with Oakley true Digital lenses for low to medium prescription (+2.00 to -4.00) and Oakley HDO EDGE lenses for high prescriptions (+2.00 to +4.00 and -3.50 to -6.00). The EDGE lenses tapper off the last temporal 10mm edge of the lenses to cosmetically leave a significantly thinner lens.

If you fall outside these power ranges then check out our own Xtreme lenses that can go even higher, whilst still giving you digital enhanced vision with digital recalibration.

Best lenses to check out OAKLEY TRUE DIGITAL - Oakley OO Polarised Black Iridium or OO Polarised Red Iridium (Both lenses great for mixed light conditions)

Oakley Prizm Road - for road cyclists, specific lens for cycling, for mixed weather.

Oakley Prizm Trail - for mountain biking, slightly lighter version than the Prizm Road.

Best lenses to check out for Oakley OTD EDGE - VR28 Black Iridium  Polarised Lenses


Oakley Flak Jacket XLJ Cycling Prescription sunglasses


Oakley Edge cycling prescription sunglasses


Bolle Tempest Sunglasses Cycling Prescription Sunglasses

This is the frame to go for if you have a high plus prescription, a classic cycling prescription sunglasses with adjustable nose pads to create the perfect fit.

Bolle prescription sunglasses for Cycling come with a new lens technology called B-thin, this technology uses the simple fact most wears don't use the last temporal 1/3 of the lenses. They can then effectively make your lenses much thinner, whilst maintaining the appearance of the sunglasses.

We find this technology works really well for plus prescription as the lenses come out looking amazingly thin. High Minus (-3.00 upwards) will also look better as the lens temporal edges will look significantly thinner.

Best Lenses to check out - Bolle Modulator Rose, Rose base tint which reacts to a dark Grey. Ideal for low-medium and bright light whilst maintaining good contrast and depth perception in all light conditions.


Bolle Tempest cycling prescription sunglasses


Oakley Jawbreaker Sunglasses Cycling Prescription Sunglasses

These are for the dedicated Cyclist who simply wants the widest and deepest lens available. The Oakley Jawbreaker uses a visor lens which gives the best protection from high speed winds and dust / dirt.

Quick interchange lenses means you can also purchase additional prescription lenses for different light conditions.

Best lenses to check out - Oakley VR28 Black Iridium (for medium to bright sunlight)

Oakley Jawbreaker cycling prescription sunglasses


Uvex Sunsation Sunglasses Cycling Prescription Sunglasses

These are ideal for occasional cyclist. Coming in at a very reasonable price whilst still including the latest Digital prescription lenses. Uvex is a German made sunglass so even though the price comes in low the frame quality is very high.

Best Lenses to check out - Xtreme NXT Varia Orange to Dark Brown (Amazing lenses that have a constant orange tint which also reacts to a dark brown in sunshine, great contrast lifter)

Xtreme NXT Varia Yellow to Dark Grey (Same as above but with a yellow constant tint, the constant tint is lighter making it suitable for night time cycling as well, but it does react to a dark grey for sunshine as well)


uvex sunsation cycling prescription sunglasses


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