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Fishing prescription sunglasses - Description

It's important to make sure your prescription fishing sunglasses have a full wrap curve and polarised prescription lenses.

Polarised lenses reduce flat surface glare  99.9%, ideal for eliminating the surface reflection on water. Making the world under the water in full view and upping your fishing game.

Fishing prescription sunglasses lens technology

At extreme-eyewear we have made some powerful relationships with world leaders in prescription lenses for curved frames in order to make sure we can deliver prescription lenses to the same quality as the leading brands.

Infact we have dug so deep into finding the right supplier the lens design we use in all the fishing sunglasses is two a generation in front of the lens used by the big branded names.

Traditional lenses when produced on high curves have disadvantages, including temporal distortion and image jumping. At extreme-eyewear we only use Freeform Digital lenses for Fishing Sunglasses.

These clever new lenses are custom made, we don’t use pre-made molds but instead each set of lenses is individually made as orders come in.

Before we manufacture the lenses we recalibrate your spectacle prescription taking into account the pupil Distance supplied, and the curvature of the your chosen Fishing Sunglasses . This doesn’t just happen once but several thousands of times across the prescription lenses.

This creates a superiorly wide field of vision, and eases your eyes making prolonged wearing comfortable.

fishing prescription sunglasses polarised lenses

Fishing Prescription Sunglasses with NXT Varia Polarised (Polarised and transitions in one)

These are amazing lenses, having a base tint of light grey which is constant and a reactive dark grey layer over the top. Ideal for rapid changes in the light condition due to patchy clouds or cover from trees.

Right Eye

Left Eye

Pupillary Distance (PD)


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