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Zeal Prescription Sunglasses

Zeal prescription sunglasses - Complete sunglasses package for filled in the Zeal prescription lab

Zeal prescription sunglasses came to the market to change how materials are used to make prescription sunglasses.

Their unique technology enables them to make Zeal prescription lenses that are plant based. Eliminating the need to use chemical based polymers.

Zeal prescription sunglasses lenses all come polarised. Eliminating 99.9% of glare and giving the wearer comfort and protection from UV.

Zeal Sunglasses Frames

Zeal's take on the world is amazing. They drive the business forward with their hearts. Saving world energy and protecting the earth we live on.

All their frames are made from sustainable materials, natural fibres from plants are forged into beautiful light weight Zeal prescription sunglasses frames.

Zeal also put this enthusiasm for saving our planet and minimising their global footprint into Ski Goggles and non prescription sunglasses

Type of visual correction available with Zeal prescription sunglasses

Zeal prescription lenses can be supplied in both single vision polarised lenses and varifocal lenses.

Even better at extreme eyewear we have in house dispensing opticians. Who with our specially designed postal pupil distance glasses can accurately measure your own pupil distances and even varifocal heights.

Zeal prescription sunglasses Lens Colours

Zeal Polarised Dark Grey. With true colour technology Zeal prescription Grey polarised lenses reduce glare from bright sunlight. Delivering the viewer with richer true colour that's neutral in perception.

Zeal Polarised Copper. With enhanced clarity and contrast the wearer has flexible wear over mixed weather conditions. With a Zeal prescription polarised filter to eliminate glare in extreme bright light.

Zeal Blue polarised Lenses. This lens has all the benefits of the Zeal Copper then its finished with a Blue mirror coating to create an all weather lens with a flash mirrored finish.

Zeal Bluebird Polarised HT lenses. These Zeal lenses enhance your clarity and depth perception in low light. Whilst still having a polarised filter to eliminate any low light glare. Ideal for sport, or driving in winter when the sunlight is low.

Zeal prescription sunglasses warranty

We process all Zeal prescription sunglasses directly with Zeal's own prescription lab in the USA. So every pair comes with their 2 year warranty. If you have an issues its easy to deal with. Just let us know and we will have your prescription sunglasses repaired / replaced under the brands warranty.

Right Eye

Left Eye

Pupillary Distance (PD)

Zeal Prescription Sunglasses