Oakley Prescription Lenses – Description

Replacement Oakley prescription lenses for your Oakley Sunglasses, delivered cut ready to fit your frame. Majority of the Oakley lenses available in their prescription range, plus online discount and free delivery to your home.

Oakley prescription lenses are available for several Oakley Sunglasses. Especially the quick interchangeable frames which include,

Oakley Flak Jacket XLJ prescription lenses, Standard Flak Jacket shape, Half Jacket 2.0 XL, Oakley Racing Jacket prescription lenses, Split Jacket, RadarLock, and Jawbreaker.

Oakley have a large selection of Oakley true digital prescription lenses for you to choose from. Plus all the Oakley technology is included with Oakley prescription lenses.

So you get all the benefits of Oakley plus with your prescription neatly glazed in.

Oakley polarised, transitions and Iridium coatings can be purchased.

With a wide range of colours from Clear, Persimmon (bright orange for indoors) to dark tinted Black Iridium Polarised there is a lens for any light condition.

The most popular prescription lenses at the moment include,

1) Oakley OO Black Iridium Polarised, all weather lenses that can be used from overcast to very bright light conditions. Contrast lifting rose tint, polarised filter to eliminate glare and a silver iridium (mirror) to make the Oakley prescription sunglasses look amazing from the outside.

2) Oakley Transitions Grey Black Iridium, transitions grey lenses that can cover any light condition. From night time cycling to daytime bright light. This version has a Black Iridium (Silver mirror) over the top. In the un reacted state this mirror only appears as a slight shine, when the lenses react outside you get a full silver mirror effect making them really great.

oakley prescription lenses - otd edge

What if you own a non interchangeable Oakley prescription sunglass?

Firstly why do Oakley need their own frame back from you to get Oakley prescription lenses made? The machine that cut your prescription lenses cut to 10th of a millimeter accuracy, and as sunglasses are made in batches each batch maybe slightly different which can affect the cutting of the lenses.

This is no problem, we will advise you to post us your sunglasses. We will then contact you before any payment is taken to confirm that Oakley can replace the lenses and everything is good to go.

The turn around is around 2-3 weeks and once complete we check them to make sure everything is amazing and then get them out next day.

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