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Adidas Sunglasses

Adidas sunglasses

Adidas sunglasses are developed working with world class athletes, this unique input from the world of sport carves the shapes and features into the eyewear that drive performance forward.

Adidas sunglasses are an essential piece of your sports outfit and will drive your performance forward, no slip designs, huge levels of adjustability and quick lens interchange are just the tip of the iceberg.

Adidas have also developed and worked closely with leading optical companies to ensure their sunglass lenses deliver perfect vision, centrally, and peripherally. The lenses use the latest technology to create natural undistorted vision. So for all you golfers out there looking down away from the Centre of the lenses will be as clear and distortion free as if you were looking with your naked eye, minus the glare!

Adidas Sunglasses Personalized Fit

Angle of the side – a three-point adjustable side movement allows for a closer fit either towards the top of the sunglasses or the bottom. However this feature is more used to make the sunglasses appear straight even if you have slightly uneven ears.

Individual nose positions – The nose pads have 2-3 different positions. Tis allows for Adidas sunglasses to sit correctly over the bridge of your nose. So if sunglasses typically sit to high on your nose or too low this feature is ideal.

Size – Maybe this is the simplest but most effect solution for a sunglasses brand to give their customers the best possible fit. And its to simple create each model in different sizes, the majority of the Adidas Sunglasses range is available in small and large with new Extra Small models being introduced also.

Adidas Sunglasses Optimum Materials

Adidas have the advance of using SPX plastic, a material that’s incredible lightweight, durable and forgiving over long periods of wear.

Adidas Lens Technology

Firstly Adidas eyewear is available not only in the standard 8 base traditionally used by all the top sunglasses brands but also now in 10 base. This is a first for any sunglass company and is only achievable thanks to the LST technology which creates high curved lenses with out any of the distortion found in other sports sunglasses brands.

So whether you’re playing a game of golf or climbing the mountains Adidas eyewear will provide you with mm perfect vision at any view point through the lens and perfect light stabilization, in order to filter out glare whilst increasing contrast and depth perception.

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Adidas Sunglasses