Don’t ruin your Oakley Ski Goggles – Guide

Don’t ruin your Oakley Ski Goggles

(This guide will work for all Ski Goggles not just Oakley)

If you don’t read further than this please read the red bold text below
Sound ridiculous? Unfortunately it’s very true, by rubbing the inside of a ski goggle when it’s wet (has snow inside the goggle!) you will smudge the anti fog layer. Eventually this will make the ski goggle completely unusable.


What to do if you get snow inside the goggles

Shake any excess snow from the interior of the goggle
Use the microfiber bag that was supplied with your ski goggles to gently blot out any remaining moisture.
Allow time for the remaining moisture to dry out and once wearing again keep moving to allow airflow to finish drying the inside of the goggles and bring them back up to their full anti-fog.


Precision instruments demand proper care – other top tips

  • Avoid resting your goggles on your forehead or hat (helmet), doing this increases exposure to melting snow and perspiration which will reduce the effectiveness of the anti-fog coating.
  • To minimize fogging keep the goggles on your face.
  • Do not use paper products, ski gloves (including goggle ski glove rubber blades) to clean the goggle lenses.
  • Allow the goggles to full dry before restoring inside the provided storage bag / case.


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