Oakley Sunglasses have carved their way to the top of the sports sunglasses market by reinvesting in leading frame manufacture and lens technology. Their innovations have brought along the best lenses on the planet. To get excited and see why please read ‘Oakley Sunglasses – What you need to know.

Oakley High Definition Optics

Oakley High Definition Optics (HDO) is a measure of Oakley’s ability to provide uncompromised  vision in all their sunglasses. Their lenses reflect true vision compared to all their rivals who can’t match the clarity and perception of Oakley’s HDO lens technology.

This is both a benefit in everyday life and especially for specific sports, such as golfers who need to view the golf balls position perfectly, or the cyclist who needs to know how close the pot hole is in his peripheral vision.


Oakley Polarised Lenses

Oakley ‘s polarised lenses are truly like no others thanks to their precise fusion molding technique. This enables Oakley to be the only sunglass brand to not stick the polarised filter to the main lens using glue, yes you heard it right glue. Oakley knew from the start that incorporating layers that were stuck together with glue would induce distortion so they invented another way, the Oakley way

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Oakley’s perfect contrast and depth of vision

Oakley lenses deliver exceptional clarity and a feel of depth to your vision, almost feeling like 3D. When choosing Oakley Polarised lenses they achieve this thanks to their unique process that manufactures both the right and left lenses of the sunglasses in one mold, your two lenses, or shield lens, are then cut from this one sheet. The end result is perfect binocular vision with both lenses polarisation perfectly lining up. Again only something you will find in Oakley sunglasses.

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Oakley Sunglasses UV Protection

Once again Oakley are one step ahead of the crowd. reliesing  that general wear will always happen to sunglasses due to the on off nature of sunglasses Oakley decided the best way to ensure full UV protection no matter how long you have had the sunglasses was to embed the UV protection into the lens solution prior to setting the lenses. This method is now used by Oakley for every pair of lenses, including clear lenses,  and unlike brands which simply add a UV coating to the outside of the lenses Oakley’s way ensures that even after you have general marks and signs of wear on the lenses your UV protection is always 100%.

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