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Extreme-eyewear supply sunglasses from leading brands, direct from them to you. Sunglasses for both sports and fashion.

At extreme-eyewear we love and live sunglasses

Our brands have been specially selected on their merits and achievements in innovation and forward thinking.

We only stock stand alone branded sunglasses, by this we mean the design is all done in house. The lenses are made using patented technology. Using techniques that ensure your vision is crystal clear, even when looking through the edges of your lenses.

These lenses make your vision more comfortable, reduce glare, increase contrast and increase depth perception.

We can honestly say once you've tried a specialised sunglasses brand instead of sunglasses from general supermarket stores you will never look back.

Can we back this Sunglasses fact up with hard evidence?

Yes! Take for instance Oakley Sunglasses, they have their UV 100% protection added to the lens solution before the lens is formed. So no matter how long you have the sunglasses or how many wear and tear hairline marks are on the lenses your vision and health is always 100% protected.

Every single lower end product has a UV coating applied which can wear off!

Polarised sunglasses

Are Polarised lenses worth the extra cost? We would always say yes to this question and heres why.

Polarised lenses include an additional filter to any other form of sunglass lens. With a standard 85% tint you get the lenses stopping 100% of UV and stopping 85% of the light passing through the lens. So that means there is 15% of the available light passing through the lenses, within which there will be glare.

So although you are reducing glare as the lens effectively is stopping 85% of glare there will always be some eye fatigue as they are not 100% effective.

Adding a polarised filter to your sunglasses lenses effectively adds a net to the tint, so any glare making it through the tint gets eliminated  by 99.9%

Photochromic Sunglasses  Lenses

These lenses react to sunlight and heat, changing colour from a low absorption tint to a dark tint. They are great if you tend to wear your sunglasses through out the season, reacting less in winter and low light so your contrast is kept high and vision clear. If the sunshine is strong there will be plenty of UV kicking around which  makes the lenses react and go to a dark tint. Also ideal on holiday as you can keep your sunglasses on for shops and indoors.

UV Radiation

This ones easy, all our sunglasses come with 100% UV protection.

Sunglasses warranties

All sunglasses supplied by extreme-eyewear come direct from the brands, there are no third parties or over seas stock. So ever pair we have in stock is logged within the brands sales meaning you get an authorised warranty. The sunglasses warranty will be from 1-3 years depending on which brand you buy. You can claim the warranty for the sunglasses either through ourselves or direct with the the brand should you have an issues. Returns are very low with good quality sunglasses brands but should anything happen we will provide a swift turn around for you.

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