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Sunglasses Accessories

Sunglasses accessories an essential part of eyewear aftercare

Sunglasses accessories are required for many reasons. Including protecting them from damage to protecting your sunglasses lenses from future scratches.

Maybe unfortunately you need a set of lenses from our sunglasses accessories collection due to an accident.

We offer sunglasses accessories for both designer sunglasses and generic eyewear. With designer sunglasses accessories including cases, cloths, straps and other accessories.

If you have lost your sunglasses case or damaged it you can find your replacement at extreme-eyewear.

We stock both branded accessories and non-branded. This is a great combination and often customers will want to purchase both. Incase they are doing an activity they know might scuff the case etc.

For branded sunglasses accessories every case or repair part comes direct from the manufacturer, everything is genuine. We simply have the accounts open because we stock the glasses and sunglasses so have access to the glasses accessories these companies supply.

Sunglasses cleaning accessories include sprays, cleaning cloths and microfiber cleaning cloths.

Eyewear accessories also include glasses cords, sports sunglasses cords.

Our own branded Sunglasses accessories

If we are honest there isn't much difference between our own accessories as compared to the branded stuff.  Apart from you are going to save about 2/3.

But we do appreciate that its nice to have the matching sunglass accessory to go with your designer sunglasses so we stock both.

The quality of the cases and straps is amazing, and offer great value for money. We even have sunglasses cases and pouches available in different colours.

The pouches are made from microfibre doubling up as a cleaning cloth.

Sunglasses Accessories for eyewear Maintenance

Its important to remember to look after your sunglasses. We have the sunglasses accessories to ensure you optimise the life span of your eyewear.

We have everything from sunglasses screws to repair a side that’s fallen off or sunglasses screw drivers to tighten up loose side screws. Or place a lost nose pad back on.

Often rubber sunglasses ear tips will wear out and fall off so our sunglasses accessories also include replacement tips.

Weather its brand ear tips like Oakley and Ray Ban or generic rubber tips we stock them all.

Anti Fog accessoires for sunglasses

Even the very best sunglasses can fog up from time to time. Its a combination of heat generated off you and the temperature of the surrounding air.

We have literally gone through every anti fog solution and wipes that are available to get the best version to sell ourselves.

This sunglasses accessory will virtually stop your sunglasses and eyewear from steaming up in any condition. available in a solution or in packs of individual wipes.

How to avoid unnecessary problems and avoid having to buy replacement parts

Sunglasses brands often make replacement lenses. So if you accidentally scratch your lenses get a replacement for half the price of a brand new pair of sunglasses.

We even stock sunglasses replacement nose pads, these are either clip in or fasten in place using a sunglasses screw.

Sunglasses accessories are crucial to making sure your eyewear lasts the test of time and keep to 100% UV protection.

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Sunglasses Accessories