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Uvex Prescription Sunglasses

Uvex Prescription Sunglasses are crafted in Germany, suppling high grade, lightweight, durable sunglasses.

Getting to know Uvex Prescription Sunglasses

Uvex prescription sunglasses are a German brand, that deliveries exactly what you would expect hearing that. Lightweight, durable, incredible craftsmanship and the highest grade materials.

Even better is the price point, even though all the design is done in house in Germany they stay adamant that Uvex prescription sunglasses are for everyone and keep the price as low.

Every pair of Uvex prescription sunglasses are fitted with latest Digital wrap around prescription lenses, these amazing lenses correct your vision across the entire lens. No more distorted peripheral vision and every pair has directly fitted lenses!

Uvex Prescription Sunglasses – Direct Glazed

If you decide to go for lenses directly fitted into the Uvex sunglasses, we make your lenses on the same curve as the original lenses. This maintains the shape and fit of the eyewear to ensure they fit exactly the same as the pair you have seen online or have tried on out of a Uvex cabinet.

Even better we can supplier lenses for customers with high prescriptions, our own sourced Digital FREEFORM lenses are available with mirror coatings, polarised filters and in transitions. The best bit is it’s around half the price of buying Uvex prescription sunglasses directly from Rudy.

The Perfect Fit from Uvex Sunglasses

Uvex believe that prescription sunglasses should be every bit as comfy to wear as your normal glasses. They ensure this by the use of comfy, soft side pieces.

Uvex prescription sunglasses soft ear pads

Each pair of Uvex sunglasses also has soft nose pads which maintain a comfortable, secure, non-slip grip.

Uvex prescription sunglasses soft nose pads

uvex sunglasses come with a two year warranty, with the prescription lenses also being covered under the same two years. If you have any lens issues under the manufacturer's warranty we will replace the lenses like for like.

Right Eye

Left Eye

Pupillary Distance (PD)

Uvex Prescription Sunglasses