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Glasses Chains and Cords

Glasses Chains stop you loosing your eyewear

You have your glasses and spectacles but you are missing the glasses chains and cords and they are never close to hand.

Get a glasses chain from extreme-eyewear and stop loosing your glasses.

Glasses Chains and Glasses Cords fit all eyewear

Its doesn;t matter what your spectacles look like, how thick the sides are or how large. We have glasses chains and cords thats will fit all types.

This is especially great as the glasses cords will still fit if you replace your eyewear due to a new spectacle prescription.

Will the Glasses chains and cords damaged your glasses

not at all, the glasses cords have either a rubber tube fitting or a fabric elasticated end which will securely but softly fasten to your eyewear. No damage will be done by the glasses chains to the sides.

How to use Glasses chains and cords correctly

Sounds daft saying how to use them correct when its simply a chain or cord that keeps your glasses to hand. But we have seen so many prescription lenses

Right Eye

Left Eye

Pupillary Distance (PD)

Glasses Chains and Cords