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Rudy Project Prescription Sunglasses

Rudy Project Prescription Sunglasses are specifically aimed at using for sport, whether cycling, running, playing tennis or golf.

Rudy Project prescription sunglasses give incredible wind / sun protection.  Coming fitted with the very latest digital lens technology that recalibrates your spectacle prescription for the shape of the sunglasses and the curve of the lenses.

Learn everything you need to know about Rudy Project Project Prescription Sunglasses

Rudy Project prescription sunglasses are foremost about design and craftsmanship, with every pair being handcrafted in Italy.

Out of all the sports eyewear brands Rudy Project stands out as the leader in manufacturing beautifully crafted prescription sunglass frames.

To complement Rudy Project prescription sunglasses frames we fit prescription lenses specifically designed for curved sports frames. These lenses enhance your peripheral view and deliver vision as good as your everyday glasses.

Rudy Project prescription sunglasses are available with Direct Glazed prescription lenses or an Optical Insert, both options are explained below.

Rudy Project Prescription Sunglasses - Direct Glazed

If you decide to go for lenses directly fitted into the Rudy project prescription sunglasses, we make your lenses on the same curve as the original lenses. This maintains the shape and fit of the eyewear to ensure they fit exactly the same as the pair you have seen online or have tried on out of a Rudy Project cabinet.

Even better we can supplier lenses for customers with high prescriptions, our own sourced Digital FREEFORM lenses are available with mirror coatings, polarised filters and in transitions. The best bit is it's around half the price of buying Rudy Project prescription sunglasses directly from Rudy.

rudy project prescription sunglasses lenses

Rudy Project Prescription Sunglasses fitted with an optical insert

If you choose to purchase Rudy Project sunglasses with a prescription optical insert you are supplied with an insert fitted with clear prescription lenses. This neatly clips into the back of the Rudy Project sunglasses.

The insert can be removed in order to clean or for contact lens wear. We fit the insert with clear prescription lenses allowing you to still interchange the lenses in the main sunglasses for different light conditions. Many of the Rudy sunglasses already come with two sets of lenses or you can purchase replacement Rudy Project lenses separately.



Rudy Project Prescription Sunglasses Perfect Fit Programme

Rudy Project Prescription Sunglasses Total comfort system

Unparalleled comfort has been achieved for Rudy Project frames by gaining input from biometric engineers and then testing by professional athletes

rudy Project Prescription Sunglasses Ergonose System

A hypoallergenic stainless steel core is sealed with a specially formulated thermoplastic rubber to create each nose piece for the Rudy Project sunglasses, which offers an extraordinary fit for any face configuration.

Rudy Preoject Prescription Sunglasses 360 fully adjustable tips

The thermoplastic rubber tips can be adjusted in any direction to achieve an individual fit. These tips have the Rudy project T-Lock system which enables them to be easily removed for replacement or to change the colour scheme of your Sunglasses.

Whats included with our rudy Project Prescription Sunglasses Packages?

All our prescription prices are complete, including frame, prescription lenses, case and free recorded delivery.

Right Eye

Left Eye

Pupillary Distance (PD)

At extreme-eyewear we have made some powerful relationships with world leaders in prescription lenses for curved frames in order to make sure we can deliver prescription lenses to the same quality as the leading brands.

Infact we have dug so deep into finding the right supplier the lens design we use in all the Rudy Project prescription sunglasses is two a generation in front of the lens used by rudy Project themselves if ordering direct at 3 times the money.

Traditional lenses when produced on high curves have disadvantages, including temporal distortion and image jumping. At extreme-eyewear we only use Freeform Digital lenses for Rudy project Prescription Sunglasses.

These clever new lenses are custom made, we don't use pre-made molds but instead each set of lenses is individually made as orders come in.

Before we manufacture the lenses we recalibrate your spectacle prescription taking into account the pupil Distance supplied, and the curvature of the your chosen Rudy Project Prescription Sunglasses . This doesn't just happen once but several thousands of times across the prescription lenses.

This creates a superiorly wide field of vision, and eases your eyes making prolonged wearing comfortable.

Rudy project prescription lenses nxt

Rudy Project prescription sunglasses with NXT lenses

NXT is a revolutionary prescription lens material. Developed for Military Aircraft windscreens. The development was due to traditional materials such as polycarbonate having poor optical clarity and poor resistance to chemicals.

NXT has clarity is superior compared to polycarbonate (even Oakley still use polycarbonate which just shows how advanced Rudy Project Prescription Sunglasses are) in optics but also has the best strength, impact resistance and durability of any material.

NXT Varia lenses are their versions of transitions / reaction lenses. There are two versions which are amazing, described below.

Rudy Project Prescription Sunglasses with NXT Varia Orange to Dark Brown

These are amazing lenses, having a base tint of Orange which is constant and a reactive brown layer over the top. So even in bright conditions when the lenses react to full sunglass tint the orange in the lenses is still lifting your contrast and improving depth perception. Ideal for rapid changes in the light condition due to patchy clouds or cover from trees.

Rudy Project Prescription Sunglasses with NXT Varia Yellow to Dark Grey

This version has a light yellow tint, this yellow tint is within legal limits for night driving / wearing. This makes the NXT yellow to dark grey ideal for commuters or nighttime sporting activities. As the orange tint lifts contrast so does the yellow base on this version.

Rudy project prescription lenses nxt reaction yellow to dark grey


Rudy Project Prescription Sunglasses video

Rudy Project Prescription Sunglasses