Here you will be able to find anti-fog prescription ski goggles which are supplied to your door ready to wear.

Prescription Ski Goggles – Information

At Extreme eyewear we supply prescription Ski goggles with your full spectacle prescription, choose from any of our top brands including Oakley, Bolle, Zeal and Adidas.

Prescription ski Goggles work by having an insert fitted with your full spectacle prescription, this then neatly clips inside the goggle. If you already have a Goggle there is a good chance our prescription goggle inserts will fit, if you want to know more about this please get in contact through our contact page. There are literally 100’s of goggles available on the market that will take the inserts so we have deliberately chosen to filter through them and only make available the Ski Goggles that work flawlessly, this means the inserts fit inside our prescription ski goggles firmly and well away from your face, making a perfect fit and basically making them feel no different to wearing ski goggles with out inserts.

We have specifically chosen prescription ski goggles which will take your prescription whilst also being top sellers in their own right with out a spectacle prescription. We wouldn’t expect our prescription wearers not to have equal pickings with none prescription ski goggle wears.

We supply you with your chosen Ski goggle pre fitted with a prescription insert. The prescription ski goggle insert we use are even universal with 75% of goggles so you can interchange it between different goggles.

Ordering is easy, simply enter your prescription on the same page as your chosen prescription ski goggle and add to the basket. Delivery is 1-2 weeks with free delivery.

Key Prescription Ski Goggle Features

Double and Triple Foam padding

On the back of the prescription goggles the material that touches your face is an ultra soft layer of polar fleece this includes two layers of foam ensuring a firm whilst extremely comfortable fit.
Silicon Strap

The siliconised straps stop your prescription ski goggles slipping of your ski helmet.

Outriggers on prescription ski goggles

Extreme Eyewear are proud to supply new models with helmet levers, these clever attachments on ski goggles elevates the strap around your helmet to ensure your prescription ski goggle remains comfy.


OTG goggles are designed to fit over most prescription spectacles and are a good option for wears who interchange between contacts and spectacles. With the goggles having increased air vents for air flow onto your glasses these prescription ski goggles are an must if you plan to wear your glasses.


Our chosen prescription ski goggles are developed to give maximum field of vision. With new lens technology that ensures no distortion you can use all the lens including the peripheral edges

oakley prescription ski goggles oakley a frame 2.0

Right Eye

Left Eye



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Just a cool Oakley prescription Ski goggle Video, Hope you enjoy and even more so on your next trip when you can see the slopes super clear with prescription ski goggles.