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Sunglass Lenses

At extreme-eyewear we appreciate that you probably spent a small fortune purchasing your sunglasses so we have stocked a large selection of replacement sunglasses lenses just in case you have damaged a lens or require a replacement for different light conditions.

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Sunglasses Lenses

We realise that you may have already purchased a good pair of sunglasses and spent a decent amount of money on them. So may not allows want to purchase a brand new pair of sunglasses but rather only replace the sunglass lenses.

For this reason we have stocked a large collection of sunglasses lenses from the leading brands Oakley, Adidas, Rudy Project and Ray Ban.

The majority of the lenses can be easily interchanged by yourself.

Sports Sunglasses Lenses

These are the easiest ones to replace as most sports sunglasses have quick interchange systems on them, so the lenses are designed to quickly be interchanged. If worried about interchanging your lenses do a search on youtube as you will most probably find a instruction video.

Full Rim Plastic Sunglasses Lenses

These are also relatively easy, sunglass lenses can only ever be pushed from the back through the front of the sunglasses frame. So gently (making sure your finger nails are not pushing against the lens) push the flat part of your thumb against the back of the lenses until it pops out f the front. At the stage be careful as the last thing you want it to push to hard and have the lens go crashing down onto a hard surface so make sure you only apply enough pressure so you can still catch the lens.

Then take the new replacement sunglasses lenses and gentle push one into either the bottom or top rim of the frame, once you feel the lens has slipped into the frame grove gentle push the rest of the lens into position. Again don't push with to mush force as you don;t want to drop the new lenses and scratch them before they are even in your sunglasses.

Metal Full Rim Sunglasses Lenses

These are always the most tricky as 99.9% of the time involve taking a screw out of the frame in order to loosen the frame grip around the sunglasses lenses. In most cases the best way is to try and release the screws about half of the way out, this in most instances creates enough space in order to push the lenses through the front of the frame. Again push the new lenses from the front into either the top or bottom rim first and then gently ease the rest of the lens into position. Before making sure you tighten the screws back up.


At extreme-eyewear we believe you have the right to allow your sunglasses to live on that little bit longer.






Sunglass Lenses