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Sunglasses Cases

Sunglasses cases for branded and non branded sunglasses

You have either damaged or lost your sunglasses case, which ever it is we have a wide collection of branded sunglasses cases.

If you simply want an unbranded case we have them too. Just in case you want to hide the fact you have designer sunglasses whilst on your holidays.

How to find out what size sunglasses case you need

It is easy to determine the size of the eyewear case you require. All sunglasses cases are generically made to fit every size of sunglass. Its that simply.

Our own sports sunglasses cases will fit both regular and curved frames. Whilst the microfiber pouches will also fit all sizes.

Whats do you get with Non Branded sunglasses cases

The fact is our non branded sunglasses cases are every bit as good as the designer stuff just with out the name attached or stamped on the top.

We have gone through every supplier on the market to ensure we supply the highest quality at the lowest possible price.

These sunglasses cases are available in black, red and blue and come with a detailed mess fabric which is incredibly lightweight but very durable.

The interior is lined with a soft fabric, protecting your eyewear from wear and tear marks and scrapes as you carry them around.

We also stock a Ray Ban style case in our own range which comes in 75% cheaper than buying the branded version. Which we also sell.

What do you get from branded sunglasses cases

All our sunglasses cases come from the manufactures and are genuine. We simply get access to these as we sell their sunglasses so the accessories become available to us.

These sunglass cases are identical to the ones original supplied with your sunglasses. Or in many cases like from Oakley we supplier supplement cases as Oakley don't give a hard case with all their sunglasses.

Some cases have zips such as Oakley, and some cases come with buttons such as Ray Ban and Rudy Project.

We appreciate that it sometimes seems unfair when designer brands only supply a sunglasses pouch / bag with new sunglasses but we have reduced all the accessory cases so at least you are getting them at a great online price.

The sunglasses bags can often start to look tatty after a few months. Especially as you use these as the cleaning cloth. But good news we also stock replacement sunglasses cases in the form of bags or pouches.

Different types of sunglasses cases

There are a few variations available. Two main sellers are hard sunglasses cases and soft pouches.

Our replacement hard cases are semi-rigid. These offer full protection for you sunglasses but at a much lower weight than traditional metal hard shell sunglasses cases.

The pouches we sell are amazing being made from a microfiber material. This means the sunglasses bags double up as cleaner cloths. Even better microfiber is easily the best cloths for getting rid of stubborn finger prints and grease.

With many of the cases you will have the choice to purchase a new cloth or pouch, if the options not listed you can simply go to these products and add them to the basket separately if desired.


All our sunglasses cases, both designer and non branded come with a full year warranty. If there are any manufacturers defects we will replace the item within the first year.

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Sunglasses Cases