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Anti-Fog Prescription Glasses

Anti-fog prescription glasses

We supply the anti-fog glasses fitted with prescription lenses which incorporate both an Anti-reflection and Anti-fog coating.

This is a physical part of the lens. Meaning its always on the lens, so no extra Anti-fog solutions are required.

To look after your Anti-fog prescription glasses you just treat them like a premium pair of glasses. Cleaning the lenses with optical lens cleaner to remove grease and fingerprints.

What is included with your anti-Reflection + Anti-Fog glasses?

  • Premium prescription lenses made from Polycarbonate, a durable/shockproof lens material
  • Anti-Fog prescription lenses - the Anti-Fog is part of the lens Anti-reflection coating. Perfect as no additional solutions are needed.

Anti-Fog Glasses Warranty

  • 2-years manufacturing warranty

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Left Eye

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Anti-Fog Prescription Glasses

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