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Prescription Sunglasses

Prescription sunglasses - Description

Prescription sunglasses are an essential part of your eyewear needs, protecting your eyes from damaging sunlight whilst making you look great. Whether you're wearing for sport or leisure we have the sunglasses to suit both you and your spectacle prescription.

Our website allows you to enter your prescription and filter through our large selection of prescription sunglasses so you are immediately shown whats available in your unique spectacle prescription.

Prescription Sunglasses - Your options

At extreme eyewear we realise that sunglasses come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, plus numerous different front curves. It is essential to get the prescription lenses custom made for each individual sunglasses frame. This ensures the prescription sunglasses retain their shape, appearance and curvature. Don't be fooled this is something that most suppliers will not do.

We carry complete branded prescription sunglasses packages as well as fitting our own lenses to branded sunglasses. Our own prescription lenses come from a leading company, Shamir uk, who designed the majority of all the branded lenses including Oakley, Maui Jim, Adidas, and Rudy Project. This means we can be relaxed knowing we are supplying the very best lens options whilst you receive the best vision possible.

Wrap Around Prescription Sunglasses

If the prescription sunglasses you choose have a curve to the front of them we will automatically put the latest wrap around lenses into the sunglasses. These lenses are individually made, matching the front curvature of the sunglasses into the front surface of the prescription lenses so that they fit straight into the frame without altering the shape or fit.

Creating such a curve on a lens traditionally meant distortion to the temporal edges but not anymore, we only use freeform lens technology which takes your prescription and re-calibrates it. Taking into account several parameters to achieve vision that matches your everyday glasses even though the lenses wrap around your face.

With many prescription sunglasses you're able to purchase them fitted with the brands own prescription lenses, such as Oakley, Bolle and Maui Jim. In these cases you are able to get the brands own tints and finishes, enabling you to identically match a setup in their non-prescription ranges.

This is used for both sports sunglasses where your peripheral vision is of paramount importance, plus leisure sunglasses where activities like driving require pinpoint accuracy , especially for reversing.

oakley prescription sunglasses - sports

Maui Jim prescription sunglasses

Sports Prescription sunglasses

These can be purchased with two different lens corrections,

Direct glaze - you choose the frame and we make lenses to fit it perfectly. Matching the frames curvature we manufacture the prescription sunglasses lenses to match exactly the same shape so the sunglasses retain their shape and fit perfectly. In fact when worn no one will know that you were prescription sunglasses as the lenses will blend in no differently to the non prescription version.

Whether you choose to purchase a brand in house package include prescription sunglasses frame and lenses or you choose our own Xtreme lenses we will only ever supply the very latest Freeform Digital lens technology to keep your vision shape.

prescription sunglasses direct glaze

Prescription Inserts -  you choose any frame from top brands Rudy Project or Adidas and we will make up a prescription insert to your full spectacle prescription plus set the insert up inside the sports sunglasses. The inserts are neat and allow for interchange of the main sunglass lenses. These are popular with customers purely wanting to wear their sunglasses for their chosen sports. Whereas direct glaze cost a little more but many customers find they will wear the sunglasses for a little bit of leisure and sport as they typically look better.

sports sunglasses prescription insert

Getting Prescription Sunglasses with High Spectacle Prescriptions

If you fall outside of the brands prescription range don't panic as we are able to offer a wider range with our own Freeform lenses, these use the latest digital technology and have been designed by the same company that helped develop Oakley's, Maui Jims, and Rudy Project's prescription lenses. As with the brands own lenses we can produce polarised and transition lenses.

We offer a wide variation of prescription sunglasses, with a pair to suit everyone's needs and face shape. From sports specific frame and lens combinations to high end fashion Ray Ban Aviators and Wayfarers.

Make sure your eyesight is perfect with the correct prescription sunglasses - so you can see views like this!


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Prescription Sunglasses