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Glasses Cases

Glasses cases for branded and non branded glasses

You've either damaged or lost your glasses case which ever it is we have a wide collection of branded glasses cases.

If you simply want an unbranded case we have them too, just in case you want to hide the fact you have designer glasses whilst on your holidays.

All our glasses cases come from the manufactures and are genuine. We simply get access to these as we sell their sunglasses so the accessories become available to us.

Some cases have simple snap shut lids to keep your eyewear secure, whilst others have zips or buttons.

The glasses bags can often start to look tatty after a few months as they are also your cleaning cloth. But great news we also stock replacement glasses cases in the form of pouches.

The other reason to replace your case is if your original one supplied with the eyewear is simply just too large and you want to slim down your glasses case.

The brands only make one size case for all their different models of frames so often you get a case that feels as though its too big for the glasses but great news extreme-eyewear have all different size glasses cases available.

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Glasses Cases