Pupil Distance

Measuring your own pupil distance (PD) when ordering prescription eyewear

Do I need to do this over using a UK average PD?

In simple terms YES, here’s why

A UK average PD is around 63mm, this is the distance from the centre of one pupil to the centre of the other.

But PD’s typically range from 50mm to 75mm, that’s a large area of error. If the PD is incorrect the wearer will be looking through unwanted prism and aberrations which results in blurred vision and dizziness.


So is a PD difficult to take?

In simple terms NO,

If you have the right ruler which has a pre fitting position over your nose you can’t go far wrong.

It’s for this reason extreme-eyewear.co.uk has taken the decision to make a ruler FREE forever prescription job we receive. The ruler will include instructions and be posted 1st class the same day you place your order.

If I have already measured my own PD or have had it measured elsewhere should I measure myself with extreme-eyewear.co.uk ruler?

In simple terms WHY NOT, it’s free and reduces room for errors, our ruler also measures each eye independently. This is more accurate and again it’s easy.


How do I get a ruler?

When you place an order select ‘send ruler’ from the PD selection box.

Can I order a ruler before placing an order?

Yes you can, a small fee of £5.00 will be charged but with every ruler we send a £5.00 extreme-eyewear voucher so if you order from us you will get the cost of the ruler back.