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Pupil Distance Ruler

What is your PD?

Your Pupil Distance is the measurement between the centre of your right and left pupils in mm.

How can you find out your Pupil Distance?

  1. You maybe lucky enough to have been given this by your optician
  2. You can select to have a Ruler posted to you (You will receive a return pre-paid postage pouch so you can return the ruler to us)

Why have we gone to the trouble of supplying Rulers?

Prescription glasses and sunglasses always work better when the centre of the optical lens is over your pupil. Not having this set up correctly can cause head aches and limit how well the glasses will work.

What we ask

We ask that you please use the Pupil distance Ruler ASAP and email your measurements through to us. You can dispose of the ruler.

Varifocal Wearers

If you don't know your Mono Pupil Distances (this is two separate measurements for your right and left pupils) we strongly advise you select to have a ruler posted to you. Varifocals with out mono pupil distances will not work correctly.

How do I receive a Ruler

The rulers will be posted out on the same day as your order is placed to your shipping address supplied. (If your order comes in after 4.00pm the ruler will leave us the next day)