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Ray Ban Prescription Sunglasses - With Authentic Ray Ban Prescription Lenses

Ray Ban prescription sunglasses

After a long wait it is official Ray Ban prescription sunglasses have arrived direct from the brand with a large new lab based in Italy. All Ray Ban prescription sunglasses supplied by extreme-eyewear are now done in house by themselves.

Ray Ban have invested in their own prescription lens designs to create a truly unique product. To the market.

Ray Ban prescription sunglasses are every bit as special and as Truly Italian as the long running Ray Ban brand. You place your order online with extreme-eyewear and you get the whole package. Which includes Ray Ban prescription lenses.

All Ray Ban prescription sunglasses orders are placed directly with Luxottica, the company that owns Ray Ban.

To complete the package you are supplied with the original Ray Ban case and cloth. Plus authenticity booklet and documents.

Check out the official Ray Ban website page for more information on the process in the Ray Ban prescription sunglasses in-house lab

ray ban prescription lenses

Knowing you have real Ray Ban prescription sunglasses?

Technology has advanced immeasurably since Ray Ban first released their air force aviator sunglasses. The Ray Ban logo was used on their first sunglasses and now comes on prescription Ray Ban sunglasses. Giving their quality reassurance.

The Ray Ban logo is in the corner of the right lens and the RB initials are engraved on the left.

You receive everything you need in one complete price. Including Ray Ban frame, prescription lenses, case and cleaning cloth. Plus all the authenticity booklets and paper work.

ray ban prescription sunglasses logo

What more is there to say other than Ray Ban Sunglasses are simply the original sunglasses now available in prescription. Don't settle for anything else but Ray Ban prescription sunglasses.

ray ban prescription sunglasses guarantee booklet

Your Ray Ban Prescription lenses coatings options

With all Ray Ban prescription lenses you have the option to add Anti-reflection (AR) coatings.

This is a Ray Ban prescription coating which reduces glare and internal reflections within the lenses.

It is applied to the back surface of the lenses. This stops images from behind you being reflected onto the back of your Ray Ban prescription lenses and causing you distractions.

Each set of Ray Ban prescription lenses are unique.

They take into account your prescription, pupil distance, and the individual frame distentions, and frame front curvature. These parameters recalibrate your prescription so it works perfectly in your Ray ban prescription sunglasses.

What is even better is that at extreme eyewear our dispensing optician can measure all your pupil distance and other parameters ourselves.

Check out our video on how we measure pupil distance here. This is amazing for both single vision and varifocal lenses.

ray ban prescription lenses digital optics

Ray Ban Digital prescription lens surfacing

Digital Surfacing Technology is the latest process that stretches the limits of optical technology. Ray Ban have used this latest technology to produce.

Ray Ban prescription sunglasses lenses are fully optimised to guarantee perfect vision, not only at the centre of the lens but across the whole lens surface.

This works specifically well in wrap around Ray Ban sunglasses. This is because of the digital technology they can be worn free of distortion with a clear peripheral view.

ray ban prescription lenses digital lens measurements

Genuine Ray Ban Prescription Tint options

Ray Ban prescription G-15, Green 85% absorption tint with full UV protection and improved contrast (compared to Grey)

Ray Ban prescription B-15, Brown 85% absorption tint with full UV protection and improved contrast for all daytime wear. Whether overcast or sunny.

Polarised versions are available in both the G-15 and B-15 for all models in the Ray Ban prescription range

What are Ray Ban prescription sunglasses polarised lenses?

Ray Ban polarised eliminate 99.9 of glare. From flat surfaces including tarmac, roads, water and snow.

With Ray Ban prescription sunglasses made up with genuine polarised lenses the wearer will have relaxed vision in sunlight. Glare isn't reduced but actually eliminated, the polarised filter acts as a filter stopping any light which causes glare.

Ray Ban have included their famous two lenses G15 Polarised (Green) and B15  (Brown) Polarised lenses along with a few other popular mirrored and graduated colours.

Mirrored lenses and Graduated Ray Ban prescription lenses

Ray Ban prescription Mirror finishes are available in Silver, Copper and Blue.

Ray Ban polarised finished are available in Silver, Orange and Blue.

Graduated lenses for genuine Ray Ban prescription sunglasses includes Graduated Green to Grey, Brown to light brown. Plus Grey to light grey, these three lenses are also polarised.

Even better all the Ray Ban prescription packages are available with clear lenses. Check out the Ray Ban prescription new wayfarer it can looks amazing as an everyday pair of glasses.

Ray Ban prescription Lens Coatings

Ray Ban put a hard coat to the back and front surface of the lenses to ensure durability for longevity.

ray ban prescription lenses available coatings

The Anti-reflection coating treatments gives a unique visual comfort and maximum ease of use. Sun lenses feature optional standard anti-reflective treatment on the rear side.

This provides clearer vision, glare reduction, and water repellent

ray-ban prescription sunglasses tint options

Extreme-eyewear commitment to delivering Ray Ban excellence and quality

Our job doesn’t stop once you have selected and ordered the perfect setup for your prescription Ray Ban sunglasses.

We make sure each pair of Ray Ban prescription sunglasses is set up correctly before posting out.

This includes ensuring the nose pads are positioned well to create a comfortable fit.

Plus ensuring the Ray Ban sides are parallel and not splayed out so you get a secure fit and also ensuring the sides are level so the sunglasses sit straight on your face.

Ray Ban Sunglasses are all hand made in Italy still to this day. So it is our intention to make sure we supply your Ray Ban prescription sunglasses to you in the same high standard you would expect if buying non-prescription sunglasses.

Ray Ban prescription sunglasses warranty

All Ray Ban prescription sunglasses come with a 2 year warranty against manufactures faults. We are your direct contact and will always endeavour to get a great service for you and your Ray Ban sunglasses.

If you have a defect within the two years we will get them to either replace the broken part or make new lenses (if the defect is deemed under the warranty)

If you feel a fault has occurred please email or phone and we will look after the warranty return on your behalf.

Right Eye

Left Eye

Pupillary Distance (PD)

Ray ban prescription lenses for Ray Ban sunglasses

Ray Ban Prescription Lenses

G15 - Green 85% absorption tint


B15 - Bronze 85% absorption tint


Ray Ban mirror prescription lenses

Ray Ban Blue Mirror - Grey lens with a blue mirror


Ray Ban Copper Mirror - grey tint with a pinkish Copper mirror


Ray Ban Silver Mirror - grey tint with a silver mirror


Ray Ban Polarised Prescription Lenses

G15 Polarised - Polarised Green 85% absorption tint


B15 Polarised - Polarised Bronze 85% absorption tint


Ray Ban Polarised Blue mirror - Polarised grey tint with a Blue mirror


Ray Ban Polarised Silver mirror - Polarised grey tint with a Silver mirror


Ray Ban Polarised Orange mirror - Polarised grey tint with a Orange mirror


Ray Ban Prescription Graduated Polarised lenses


Ray Ban Graduated Polarised Blue to Grey - Blue dark tint to light Grey


Ray Ban Graduated Polarised Brown to Brown - Brown dark tint to light brown


Ray Ban Graduated Polarised Grey to Grey - Grey dark tint to light grey tint



Extreme-eyewear video introduction about Ray Ban’s new in house Custom Ray Ban prescription sunglasses lenses with logo embedded on the lenses.



Ray Ban Prescription Sunglasses - With Authentic Ray Ban Prescription Lenses