What more is there to say other than Ray Ban Prescription Sunglasses are simply the original sunglasses. Don’t imitate choose Ray Ban sunglasses. Available with polarised, transitions and mirrored lenses, digital distortion lenses are used for wrap around Ray Ban sunglasses.

Ray Ban Prescription Sunglasses


Ray Ban sunglasses are the number one seller of any sunglasses brand worldwide. So to know that they are available with your prescription must bring a smile to your face.

We are able to fit prescription lenses to the majority of Ray Ban prescription sunglasses, from the original New Wayfarer shapes and Aviators to new wrap around style frames.

At extreme eyewear we are independent allowing us to hand pick the most suitable prescription lenses to complement the shape and size of the Ray Ban sunglasses you choose. Plus we employ Dispensing Opticians who go through every order individually to select the lenses, which will deliver the very best optical clarity.

We take this approach even though its an extremely time consuming process for ourselves as getting your Ray Ban prescription sunglasses made up to the best standard ensures you love your sunglasses and will in turn come back to us and recommend us.

We have selected the most popular prescription lens tints and finishes but the combination of tints, finishes (transitions, polarised, photochromic polarised, mirrors, AR Coatings) are endless so if you have something specific in mind but can’t find it any where just give us a call or email and we will do our best to do a custom job for you.

Ray Bans famous G15 lens tint is now available in both solid tints and polarised versions for your Ray Ban prescription sunglasses. This Green / Grey tint allows great sun protection whilst the green pigment in the prescription lenses increases your contrast and depth perception. Ideal for driving and general wear if the sun keeps breaking in and out of the clouds.

ray ban prescription sunglasses aviator

Our job doesn’t stop once we have selected the perfect lenses for your prescription Ray Bans and had them successfully made up as we make sure each pair of prescription Ray Ban sunglasses is set up correctly before posting out. This includes ensuring the nose pads are positioned well to create a comfortable fit, ensuring the side temples are parallel and not splayed out so you get a secure fit and ensuring the sides are level so the sunglasses sit straight.

Ray Ban Sunglasses are all hand made in Italy still to this day so it is our intension to make sure we supply your Ray Ban prescription sunglasses to you in the same high standard you would expect if buying non-prescription sunglasses. Ray Ban sunglasses are luxury sunglasses, a hand made stunning and beautifully crafted product that makes you feel special and we will delivery that same happy feeling once you open up Ray Ban Prescription Sunglasses from extreme-eyewear.

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