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Rudy Project Sunglasses

Rudy Project Sunglasses - Description

Rudy Project Sunglasses give a sense of worthiness for your money, these sunglasses look amazing, feel incredibly well engineered and deliver better than any other eyewear.

The secrete to Rudy Project sunglasses success is down to its roots, the founder prides himself on Italian hand crafted quality which is beautifully engineered to deliver sunglasses that are masterpieces in their own sunglasses right.


Rudy Project Lenses

1) Reduce glare and enhanced clarity, Rudy lenses stop harmful and guzzling light and pump up your binocular vision, depth of focus and contrast.

2) Protection form 100% of harmful Ultra Violet radiation.

3) Allow 'true' vision with no distortion of colours

4) Protection against foreign bodies and impact.

Rudy Project Polarised Lenses - Polar3Fx

POLAR3FX  elimination 99.9% of glare, and harmful UV rays, whilst providing excellent eye protection. Its unique light absorption enhances contrast and depth perception meaning less eye strain.

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Rudy Project ImpactX 2

This is by far the best sports sunglass innovation to come out in 2015.

1) 25% faster than other Lenses Photochromic speeds

2) 60% Photochromic range more Photochromic Range to other lenses. Going darker than any lens that has been before.

3)  These lenses are now active to Temperature and light, with the Temperature making a huge difference to the practicality of the lenses.


Project Perfect Fit Programme

Total comfort system

Unparalleled comfort has been achieved for the Rydon by gaining input from biometric engineers and then testing by professional athletes

Ergonose System

A hypoallergenic stainless steel core is sealed with a specially formulated thermoplastic rubber to create each nose piece for the Rudy Project Rydon, which offers an extraordinary fit for any face configuration.

360 fully adjustable tips

The thermoplastic rubber tips can be adjusted in any direction to achieve an individual fit. These tips have the Rudy project T-Lock system which enables them to be easily removed for replacement or to change the colour scheme of your Rydon Sunglasses.

All our Rudy Project Sunglasses prices are complete, including frame, lenses, case and free recorded postage.

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Right Eye

Left Eye

Pupillary Distance (PD)

Rudy Project Sunglasses