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Ray Ban Prescription Glasses

Ray Ban prescription glasses fitted with genuine Ray Ban lenses

From March 2017 Ray Ban have opened their new Ray Ban prescription glasses department making their own Ray Ban prescription lenses.

Knowing you have real Ray Ban prescription glasses?

The Ray Ban logo is lasered onto the corner of the right lens and the RB initials are engraved on the left.

When you place an order your complete Ray Ban prescription glasses package will come direct from Italy including Ray Ban frame, lenses, case and cleaning cloth.

What more is there to say other than Ray Ban glasses are simply the original now available with Ray ban lenses. Don't imitate choose Ray ban prescription glasses.

All new Ray Ban prescription glasses come with a certificate of authenticity.

Ray Ban Prescription glasses lens options

With all Ray Ban lenses you have the option to add AR (Anti-reflection) coatings. This is a coating which reduces glare and internal reflections within the lenses. Its applied to the back surface of the lenses and stops images from behind you being reflected onto the back of your Ray Ban prescription sunglasses lenses and causing you distractions.

Each set of Ray Ban prescription Glasses lenses are unique, they take into account your prescription, pupil distance, and the individual frame distentions, and frame front curvature to recalibrate your prescription so it works perfectly in your chosen Ray ban prescription sunglasses.


Complete package comes direct from Ray Ban (Luxottica, they own Ray Ban) this includes producing the prescription lenses, fitting them into the authentic Ray Ban frame and delivery to us to be shipped directly to you.

Turn around takes around two weeks.

Ray Ban Digital prescription lens surfacing

Digital Surfacing Technology is the latest process that stretches the limits of optical technology. Produced with digital technology and using mathematical models, the lenses are fully optimised to guarantee perfect vision, not only at the centre of the lens but across the whole lens surface. This includes curved (wrap around) Ray Ban prescription glasses which because of this digital technology can be worn free of distortion with a clear peripheral view.

Ray Ban Lens Coatings

Hard coated back and front surface of the lenses to ensure durability for longevity.

Ray Ban Anti-reflection coating treatments gives a unique visual comfort and maximum ease of use, sun lenses feature optional standard anti-reflective treatment on the rear side.

This provides clearer vision, glare reduction, and water repellent

Ray Ban Prescription Sunglasses fitted with genuine Ray-Ban lenses

Ray Ban prescription sunglasses are also available direct from Ray Ban’s own lab in Italy. These are supplied with the Ray Ban logo lasered onto the lenses. Exactly how you would expect as Ray Ban have physically made the sunglasses for you.

Where do extreme-eyewear get their Ray Ban prescription glasses stock from?

We are authorised and genuine account holders, all our Ray Ban prescription glasses come direct from Luxottica, this is the sister company of Ray-Ban (they own the name and brand). Every pair of Ray Ban prescription glasses come from their own optical lab in Italy.

Ray Ban prescription glasses warranty

All Ray Ban prescription glasses are done as complete packages directly with Luxottica who own Ray Ban and come with a 2-year warranty. This warranty will include both the frame and the lenses for any manufacturing defects.

If you feel a fault has occurred please email or phone and we will look after the warranty return on your behalf.

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Ray Ban Prescription Glasses

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