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Bolle Prescription Sunglasses

Bolle prescription sunglasses are supplied as a complete package, frame and Bolle prescription lenses. Bolle prescription B-thin technology creates the thinnest and lightest prescription lenses of any brand, whilst maintaining the appearance of a normal in frame pair of prescription sunglasses.

Bolle prescription sunglasses are perfect for high prescriptions, with Bolle's thin lens technology sports halfrim frames are not only wearable but the visible Bolle prescription lenses look cosmetically amazing.

High Minus powers are often very thick on the lens edge and Plus powers are often very thick, but these reduce both affects by upto 72% thinner.


Bolle Prescription Sunglasses what extreme-eyewear says

The Bolle prescription sunglasses story

We all know Bolle own the slopes in France and Europe so where did they come from?

Make sure you read about the new Bole B-Thin prescription lenses, these are 40% thinner and lighter than anyone else conventional lenses!

Bolle has developed a particular strength in the prescription sports sunglass market including snow sports, water sports, golf, tennis, cycling and outdoor, making Bolle Prescription Sunglasses one of the largest suppliers in the world.

The best Selling cycling Bolle prescription sunglasses are Bolle Tempest and Bolle bolt s.

bolle prescription sunglasses b thin

What makes Bolle Prescription sunglasses stand out in today's market

Adjustable nose pads

The shape and angle of the notepad can be adjusted to accommodate any nose bridge to get the perfect fit.

Pinless Hinges

Bolle hinges seamlessly connect temples to frame fronts, no pins / screws are used on new Bolle prescription models reducing wear and tear and breakages.


The temple tips, nose pads and adjustable nosepiece are all made from Thermogrip rubber. This hydrophilic material is moisture absorbing keeping Bolle prescription sunglasses comfortably in place throughout all wear.

B-Flow Technology

Frame venting technology helps prevent moisture build up in all weather conditions.

Sport Optical system

Bolle prescription sunglasses allow for direct glazed prescription lenses to be fitted into the Bolle frames themselves. So no more ugly inserts, combating fogging up and creating a more cosmetically pleasing finish.

Bolle Prescription Sunglasses B-Thin Technology

B-Thin patented technology allows Bolle to offer prescription lenses to 99% of people who wear glasses.

Whether they are performance sunglasses for sports or simply multi-use, leisure sunglasses, the Bolle B-Thin prescription programme provides a attractive prescription lens for wearers of single vision or varifocal lenses.

Bolle recalculated your prescription to compensate for the distortion naturally created by the curve on the frame and on the lens.

When the prescription is high, the second stage of B-Thin active design technology comes into action: Bolle prescription lenses take advantage of the fact wearers don't use the very last temporal edges of their lenses and so Bolle B-Thin technology takes away the thickness of the lens at these points to create a seamless finish. The technology ensures the B-thinning only occurs where your eyes naturally don't look so your peripheral visions remains wide and uninterrupted. Learn more about Bolle prescription sunglasses and their b-thin technology which enables 35% saving on weight and thickness.

Bolle prescription sunglasses available tints


Right Eye

Left Eye

Pupillary Distance (PD)

Bolle Prescription Sunglasses