Oakley Prescription Glasses

You should be given the best combination for your oakley prescription glasses, so why buy a set of Oakley glasses with non-Oakley lenses.

You will only be supplied with Oakley prescription glasses with authentic Oakley prescription lenses. These work on an individual bases correcting your vision taking into account the curvature of the glasses and how they sit on your face.

This clever technology ensures that your vision is kept perfect no matter which frame style you choose. The Oakley prescription glasses lenses will recalibrate the prescription for any front curve or tilt on a frame.

Even taking into consideration your own pupil distance to calibrate the adjusted powers needed to deliver exceptional clarity.

Oakley Single Vision and Varifocal Glasses Available

Oakley prescription glasses lenses are available in single vision or varifocals.

Single vision will traditionally be for distance vision. For general wear, or sports. You can add your reading power to your distance and this would produce a pair of Oakley glasses for reading only.

Varifocals are for 40+ customers who have a reading addition. The eyes loose the ability to focus on close up work.

Oakley varifocal lenses have a corridor down the centre of the lens. Correcting from distance through intermediate all the way to a reading prescription at the bottom of the lens.

Both lenses will come with the Oakley prescription glasses Logo edged onto the right prescription lens.

How do you know you have Authentic Oakley Lenses?

The internet is a large place and you have to stand up and prove what you so is genuine.

So each Oakley prescription glasses comes with the following,

The left lens has the Oakley ‘O’ logo lasered on. This is only done in the Oakley prescription Lab.

You can also ring Oakley customer service and ask if we are a registered supplier. We have nothing to hide. In fact they will come back and tell you extreme-eyewear are the number one account in the UK. Fact.

How do Oakley prescription glasses differ from using standard stock lenses?

This is easy to answer, stock lenses are pre made lenses cut into any frame. So it doesn’t matter whether you’re choosing a flat optical frame or fancy something with a front curve. You would still get the same lens cut into the frame! This lens can not work effectively in different frame shapes so you will lose visual clarity and depth perception. Unlike with Oakley prescription glasses.

Oakley prescription glasses OTD lenses are individually made per order. So each set of lenses is customised for your personal measurements and your chosen frame to deliver perfect vision.

Oakley optics in True digital lenses helps improve safety and performance by increasing your field of view and sharpening your vision. Normal lenses maximise images and object shifting. True Digital lenses correct your vision at every point within the curved lenses to maximise peripheral view. Minimise  object shifting like no other prescription lens.

Oakley glasses nose pads and ear socks

 Oakley have carried on their renowned rubber used for their goggles and motor bike handle grips and manufactured it into their Oakley prescription glasses ear socks. This creates a unique grip. The rubber gently grips your head for a secure fit without applying too much pressure.
It even reacts acts to heat, so the harder you are working out the harder the Oakley glasses grip. This clever technology means you never get headaches from too much pressure around your temples whilst mentioning a secure fit.

What you get as standard with Oakley Glasses

All Oakley glasses come with anti reflection coating. This is the latest anti smudge version. You do not need to pay more to get the best coatings as Oakley only supply this as standard to every pair of lenses they make.

I.e. you can’t buy Oakley lenses with a watered down lens and have to pay an upgrade fee. So if anyone tells you differently they are trying to get money for nothing.

The Anti reflection coating from Oakley glasses also includes the hard coat.

Both standard clear Oakley prescription glasses and Transitions lenses come with a 2 year warranty. This will cover any delimitation or coating faults etc.

oakley prescription sunglasses hdo

Oakley prescription glasses UV protection

Oakley’s UV protection is embedded into the lens material. This is clever as it ensures even after a few years of wear your vision is 100% protected.

Oakley Prescription lenses impact resistance

Oakley Plutonite lens material is a form of polycarbonate, known for its strength and visual clarity. The impact resistance of polycarbonate is high, meeting all safety requirements. The image below is a test dummy don’t try it at home. This is the same material that Oakley use in their sunglasses.

oakley prescription lenses high impact resistance

Oakley prescription glasses transitions lenses

Oakley knew that to create the world’s leading reaction lens they would have to forge an agreement with ‘transitions’ the optical company that own the world’s fastest reaction lens. These lenses react from clear to either dark grey or brown.

So if you choose Oakley prescription Glasses in transitions you get the worlds number 1 transitions coating. Plus underneath you get Oakley glasses True Digital lens technology.

oakley prescription transitions lenses brand logo


Oakley Prescription Glasses Warranty

All Oakley prescription glasses come with a 2 year warranty for manufacturing faults. Oakley are renowned for their customer service.

If you have any issues with your purchase within the warranty period simply return them to us and we’ll deal with Oakley on your behalf.

In fact this 2 year Oakley glasses warranty is only available through a gold account, of which there are only a handful in the UK.

But don’t worry as we are one of them.

Right Eye

Left Eye



Remove Filters

Oakley prescription glasses are available with several different lens finishes.

  • Oakley Clear with Anti-reflection

Oakley’s Digital lens supplied with a stealth anti-reflection coating, impeccably hard wearing and 2-year warranty.

  • Oakley Transitions Grey Anti-reflection

Oakley’s Digital lens supplied with a Stealth coating and transitions grey reactive layer.

Goes from clear (indoors) to a dark 85% tint in the sunshine.

  • Oakley Transitions Brown Anti-reflection

Oakley’s Digital lens supplied with a Stealth coating and transitions brown reactive layer.

Goes from clear (indoors) to a dark 85% tint in the sunshine.

*You can also get any of the Oakley prescription glasses fitted with Oakley sunglass lenses, if you have a pair in mind please send us an email*

Oakley prescription glasses warranty

the great news is because all of our Oakley glasses come as a complete package from Oakley’s Prescription Lab you get a full two years warranty.

covering both frame and lenses. If you have a fault that’s under the manufacturer warranty (you basically haven’t sat on them) Oakley will supply brand new lenses or frame.


what happens if your Oakley frame has been discontinued

If your frame has been discountinued and you have had a fault oakley will replace your entire glasses.

The replacement can be chosen from any frame in their current range, and new Oakley prescription lenses will be fitted.