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Glasses Accessories

Glasses accessories eyewear aftercare

Glasses accessories can stop your glasses from getting damaged or scratched.

We offer accessories for both designer glasses and non branded eyewear. Designer accessories come from the manufacturers direct and include all the things you would expect, cases, cords, nose pads.

Ifs important to try and prevent your glasses falling apart and prevention is always the best way forward. So we even have glasses accessories to maintain your eyewear. With key ring screw drivers and replacement ear socks to replace cracked glasses tips.

So if you have damaged or lost your glasses case you can find your replacement at extreme-eyewear. Fingers crossed your glasses weren't in your case when you lost it!

Every accessory comes direct from the manufacturer, everything is genuine. We simply have the accounts open because we stock the glasses. Sunglasses so have access to the glasses accessories these companies supply.

All our branded Glasses accessories come directly from the manufacturers. With all items having a full one year warranty. If you have a manufacturing fault we will either repair or replace no questions asked.

The cases are the same designs as supplied with the original eyewear.

Cleaning Glasses Accessories

Its important to looking after your eyewear inorder to prolong the life span. If you spend £200+ ON spectacles then you need to look after the lenses.

Most lenses have Anti Reflection coatings on which enhance the lenses clarity. This coating can become damaged with out using the correct glasses accessories cleaning solutions.

Some solutions can physically causes the coating to lift off. Making the vision from the lenses cloudy and lower the clarity.

Glasses Accessories to maintain a long life for your lenses

We would always prefer to help you maintain the lifespan of your eyewear than have to sell you glasses accessories to repair a faulty pair of spectacles.

In order to achieve this we have sprays and cleaner wipes which remove stubborn finger prints and stains easily and most importantly safely. No more using washing up liquid which will simply eat away at your anti-reflection coating.

If using glasses cords please make sure you don't have buttons on a top or cardigan as these have been known to damage and scratch spectacle lenses.

Cleaning Accessories

No matter what anti-reflection coating you purchase even the most expensive anti smudge coatings still leave finger prints behind.

Cleaner cloths and sprays in our glasses accessories will remove subborn stains easily. The sprays have gentle chemicals that ensure a sparkling finish whilst its gentle formula doesn’t harm the spectacle lenses.

The cleaning solution is also available in single use towels. These stay moist and clean with out the need to wipe afterwards with a dry cloth. Leaving the glasses lenses perfectly clear and smudge free.

Branded Glasses Accessories

Top brands are included in our stock. We realise that although most glasses come with a designer case or cloth etc its still a real possibility that you will loose the case or damage them.

With this in mind we have glasses accessories for brands such as Oakley, and Ray Ban.

Of course if you have lost the designer case but not to keen on replacing it to only loose it again we also have non branded glasses accessories. These are just as durable but at a fraction of the cost.

These glasses accessories are also great if you’re wanting to disguise the fact you have designer glasses on holiday or when out. Meaning your eyewear is less likely to get stolen.

What to look for in Glasses Accessories

It doesn’t matter if its a spare nose pads, or a replacement glasses case all glasses accessories have to be well made and durable. At extreme eyewear we have selected the very best in eyewear and sunglasses. We don’t stop caring about our service with the glasses accessories either.

The materials are strong, lightweight and come in a variety of different colours and textures.

Accidents happen and you will probably need a replacement part to repair your glasses at some point. The most important aspect is to make sure you select the correct part for your glasses. Fitting the wrong accessory may cause damage or make the fit uncomfortable across your ears or nose.

A little tip for from Glasses Accessories

If you have been doing anything which creates dust always wash your glasses under the tap. Then wipe them clean, never wipe them clean to tart with as you'll end up simply rubbing the dust in and scratching your glasses.

We even stock replacement glasses nose pads

Glasses accessories cover a wide selection of equipment to look after your spectacles. From glasses screw drivers all the way to replacement side screws.

Screws have a habit of coming loose so we even have a replacement glasses screw pack in our glasses accessories.

Its important to remember that maintenance on your glasses will keep the life span of spectacles longer. Ensuring that they don’t let you down and you maintain clear vision at all times.

The last thing you want is for your glasses screw to come loose. Fall out or for a nose pad to work its way off leaving you with a red nose so make sure you stock up on our glasses accessorises.

Lastly if you have some glasses regardless of how expensive they were, if you aren’t sure if they can be repaired give us an email or call as the likelihood is we have the correct glasses accessory to get you back up and going.

Buying the correct Glasses Screw Driver

It sounds simple, you need a screw driver to tighten or replace the glasses / sunglasses lenses. The problem is getting the wrong size screwdriver in glasses accessories can cause you ou to easily scratch the lenses.

This is caused by the screwdriver being too big or too small and slipping away from the screw with force. This is more than likely to scratch the lens as the screw driver leaves the screw.

Choice the wrong Accessory for your glasses?

Don’t worry if you recieve a pair of reading glasses, or a cleaning cloth and decide its the incorrect item. We accept any glasses accessories back for a refund or an exchange. This is ideal is you purchased ready readers and discovered they were the wrong power. Make sure they are unused and we will simple exchange for the correct power.

You have 14 days to make your mind up, as long as the item|(s) is unused we will arrange your return.


All glasses accessories come with a year long manufacturing warranty. If you have a defect with in the year we will replace the item for you.

At extreme eyewear we want you to be happy with your purchase. After all this will encourage returning custom which is good for us and you. Our glasses accessories sit along side our prescription glasses and sunglasses perfectly.

He We encourage good maintenance of eyewear. Its vital that you can make your glasses last as long as possible. We sell the most popular and renowned brands and the glasses accessories we sell complement these.

Right Eye

Left Eye

Pupillary Distance (PD)

Early Reading Add Required

When you get to 40+ everyone starts to have a reading prescription creep in.

This means the start of reading glasses. A good starting point to see if the difference a reading addition gives is worth it is to try ready readers.

These can be found in our glasses accessories.

These all come with a case but we also have a great selection of glasses cases in our spectacle accessories.

As your reading add increases its a good idea to look at varifocals. You can still have several pairs of reading glasses around the house for a quick glance at something.

Keep Scratching your glasses

When buying glasses they can come in at £50+ all the way to hundreds of pounds.

To help you protect your glasses extreme-eyewear have glasses pouches.

These can be found in the glasses accessories and give both a storage bag and great cleaning cloth in one item.

If you’re worried about still squashing the glasses in a pouch you can purchase hard spectacle cases.

These come in all sizes, both for glasses and sunglasses.


Fed up of grease and finger prints being left on glasses lenses

This is a common problem, with grease from fringe prints being a stubborn stain to remove.

Grease from skin and eye lashes can also I leave hard marks to remove witch a normal cloth.

In our glasses accessories you can find glasses sprays and cloths.

All extreme-eyewear cloths are micro-fibre, these remove grit and dirt better than any glasses cloths.

Sprays can be purchased which are gentle as to not damage Anti reflections coating whilst easily removing grease and sutbborn stains.

Glasses cleaning solution can be bought in a spray or as separate tissues with the solution individually applied.


Sports Glasses keep Fogging Up

A common problem with any glasses or sunglasses is fogging up in cold weather.

Some branded sports glasses are pre-treated with but for prescription glasses you can purchase Fog Buster wipes.

These effectively apply a coating to stop fogging up.

Fog buster wipes can be purchased in boxes of 10 or 30 and can be purchased in our glasses accessories.


Glasses Accessories