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Ski Goggles

Ski Goggles can either make a Ski holiday or ruin it so make sure you take a look through extreme-eyewear goggle collection which includes brands specifically selected for their outstanding lens technology and anti-fog properties.

For instants we have Oakley prizm goggles which pop out the snow contours and makes any white sheet look textured with all the bumps and mounds that lay ahead of you on the slopes..

Then we have Zeal goggles which incorporate an anti-fog property into the lens material before they mould the lenses. So what?! Well the result is no fogging ever and no anti-fog coating on the lenses to wipe off like other ski goggles.

Bolle is also a useful brand to have, with award winning modular lenses and new lens materials which have the best measure of visual clarity out of all the goggles on the market. Bolle offer the same high quality through out their ski goggle range but have such a wide price range they always have something for everyone.

We have strong relationships with all our Ski goggle brands which means if you experience any problems with your purchase we will help you to get a replacement or full repair, of cause you're always entitled to this under the warranties but let us deal with the hassle. And on the harsh reality that you might accidentally damage your Ski goggles we will haggle a good price your the repair and deal with it on your behalf.

Extreme Eyewear are here form the beginning to help you choose the correct Ski Goggle, through to purchase and then to make sure you are supported though out your aftercare.

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Ski Goggles