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Sunglasses straps

Sunglasses straps stop you loosing your eyewear

You have your sunglasses and eyewear but you are missing the sunglasses straps and they are never close to hand. Or even worse with out a sports strap you have lost them off your face.

Getting a sunglasses strap from extreme-eyewear will stop loosing your glasses.

So if you're mountain biking or high wave surfacing your sunglasses won't be lost any more.

Sports strap fit all eyewear

Its doesn't matter what your spectacles look like, how thick the sides are or how large. We have sunglasses straps thats will fit all types.

This is especially great as the sports strap will still fit if you replace your eyewear due to a new spectacle prescription.

Rubber tips or hoops?

For sport straps we always recommend that you go for the rubber tube tips on the sunglasses straps. These offer a more secure fit. If you wish to take the sunglasses strap of your eyewear simple unravel the rubber tip slowly and it will pop off.

Never physically pull the rubber to try and release it from the sunglasses side as this will cause the side to become bent or damaged.

Hoops do work but the straps will have a greater chance of become loose. with the consequence being your sunglasses will fall off your face.

Sports sunglasses straps with toggles

These are the most popular types of straps. They fit over your head just like a regular sunglasses strap but can be securely softened behind the back of your head with the supplied toggle.

The toggles are made from a durable yet soft to touch plastic to minimise any impact.

Floating Sunglasses straps

These are the same as toggle straps but with an added foam strap which allows your sunglasses to float when the floating sunglasses strap is attached. We have some really good floating straps which will fit all shapes of sunglasses sides, Ideal for sailing or fishing.

Will the Sunglasses straps damaged your glasses

Not at all, the sunglasses strap have either a rubber tube fitting or a fabric elasticated end which will securely but softly fasten to your eyewear. No damage will be done by the glasses chains to the sides.

How to use Sports Straps correctly

Sounds daft saying how to use them correct when its simply a chain or cord that keeps your glasses to hand. But we have seen so many prescription lenses get scratched from customers wearing their sunglasses round their necks. Then getting the lenses scratched on buttons etc.

If taking the sunglasses straps off the shades side always hold the sunglasses at the very tip of the side to ensure you don't snap the side.

Don't purchase cheap straps as there is a likely hood the cord will cause damage to your sunglasses.

Sunglasses Straps Warranty

We offer an exchange or refund on all sunglasses straps sales if returned with in 14 days. Plus if the straps become faulty with in the first year of purchase we will replace with the same item or an equivalent version if not available.

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Sunglasses straps