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Oakley have specifically developed a range of sunglasses for the Asian market, taking their best sellers and adjusting the fit.

this keeps the style the same, with the appearance not being noticeable different, but offering a comfortable and better performing fit.

  1. The Oakley Asian fit sunglasses nose bridge has been specially designed to be narrow and deeper, than the regular sunglass frames. This serves as ideal for individuals who have difficulty in finding the perfect fit in their sunglass frame
  2. Ear Tips on the asian fit sunglasses have specially been designed to better fit the individual. The ear stems are more rounded, which better accommodates the shape of the head of the user, and ensures a comfortable and shapely fit.
  3. Different frame curvature, Oakley Asian fit sunglasses front curve is reduced, and is less wide in size than the regular fit Oakley style. It is ideal for individuals who are troubled and hampered by their sunglass frames touching their temple and cheeks.

oakley prescription sunglasses asian fit

oakley prescription sunglasses asian fit