Oakley Bottle Rocket Prescription Sunglasses – Description

The Oakley Bottle rocket is a simplistic, stylish frame. These prescription sunglasses can be easily worn for active cycling, walking, running, golf etc but equally would look the part on your holiday or for driving.

Oakley bottle rocket prescription sunglasses have a halfrim design, making them ideal for sports which require good of centre vision such as golf and cycling.

You will also see Oakley Edge bottle rocket prescription sunglasses, these extend the power range available by ‘edging’ off the temporal edge of the lenses to make them lighter and more cosmetically attractive.All Oakley prescription sunglasses come with a two year warranty covering manufacturer’s faults.

oakley bottle rocket prescription sunglasses otd edge

Extreme Prescription Lenses – These are our own Digital freeform lenses, custom made to give you perfect vision in any sunglass. The lenses recalibrate your prescription taking into account the frame curvature to deliver sharp vision in wrap around frames.

Oakley True Digital Prescription Lenses – These are Oakley’s main prescription lenses, crammed with Oakley’s technology to ensure the lenses deliver perfect vision in wrapped frames.

Oakley Edge Prescription lenses – These lenses have all the benefits of the standard OTD but for high prescriptions over +2.00 and over -3.00. Oakley Edge lenses have their temporal edges thinned to produce a 30% thinner and lighter lens.

Oakley edge prescription sunglasses

All the Oakley patented finishes are available including Oakley prescription Iridium mirrored coatings and Polarised filters so if you wear glasses relax because you have just read correct, Oakley Bottle rocket Prescription Sunglasses are available.

With all the above options for buying you will be supplied with an Oakley cleaning pouch and Hard Case.

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