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Reading Glasses

Ready to wear Reading Glasses

Its always handy to have more than one pair of reading glasses to hand, so we have selected a variety of different styles and strengths so you will always have your ready readers to hand inorder to read that small print.

Glasses shouldn’t cost you the earth and with these you can afford to have a pair in every room, at work and at home.

We have rimless reading glasses, funky plastic framed glasses and folding versions which fit neatly into a carry case.

The colours make our glasses stand out, so you never loose them and you look stylish whilst out at a dinner party whilst reading the menu.

What strength reading glasses are available?

We have the full range in stock ready for shipping, +1.00, +1.50, +2.0, +2.50, +3.00, +3.50, and +4.00. You can always get a few pairs of glasses and make them different powers for reading so you have glasses ready no matter how small the print is.

Sunglasses Reading Glasses

We all like to read outside on a nice bright day so we have a selection of reading sunglasses as well. These come as standard with a sunglasses tint to eliminate glare and allow you to comfortably read outside.

We have selected a range of different tinted lenses, so you can have your prescription reading glasses in either brown or grey, which ever colour suits you or you prefer looking through more.

Go for Grey in ready readers if you want ultimate protection against glare, grey is the darkest tint stopping UV and glare.

If you want a more flexible pair of reading glasses go for brown as it will lift your contrast in slightly more over case conditions and allow you to reading with out changing to your clear pair of ready readers.

Funky Ready Readers

We all love to have styles glasses to complement our outfit. So we have made sure we have sparlking, bright and bold ready readers.

These will make your vision impeccable whilst making everyone ask where your readers came from.

Keeping your Ready readers secure

Luckly to make sure your reading glasses are always to hand we sell glasses cords and chains, these will fit all our ready readers. Available in different styles and colours you will be able to add to the style of the glasses whilst making them even more practical.

Reading Glasses with Case

Every pair of reading glasses we sell comes with a case included, we have even made the cases match the design of the glasses. Matching style and practicality at the same time.

Ready readers Materials

The two most popular materials fro the frames are plastic and metal.

Plastic is the lightest material and has great durability, being able to take a good knock or two makes this material perfect for reading glasses.

Metal is also very light but can break a bit easier at the joints / welding. So if you're going to wear your ready readers on a chain go for a plastic frame.

If you suffer from allergic reactions our plastic frames will be 100% allergy free for the wearer.

Computer Reading Glasses

When using computers over a prolonged periods you can get eye strain and glare from the computer screen.

We have secured some amazing computer reading glasses which reduce glare from the VDU screen by having a blue filter on the lenses.

This filter greatly reduces the glare being kicked off the computer screen making the ready readers ideal for any VDU user.

The correct fit of your glasses for reading

This is an important fracture when choosing your reading glasses, you will often sit for hours in a book so the comfort of the glasses is important.

Luckily we have selected all our ready readers on their merits for comfort and fit so you don’t need to worry about it.

The fit will be lightweight, making a comfy fit over your nose. Ideal if the glasses are worn for prolonged periods as you read.

The sides are the ideal length to allow comfort over your ears, meaning no sores on the top of the ear.

The nose pads are gentle and kind across the bridge of your nose, all our reading glasses will give comfort and reduce the red marks normally associated with wearing glasses.

The lenses are all hard coated so don’t worry wear and tear marks will take a lot to get. The hard coated lenses will take a knock or two.

Reading Glasses Warranty

Every pair of ready readers comes with a 1-year warranty against manufacturers faults, if they break we will replace them.

Right Eye

Left Eye

Pupillary Distance (PD)

Selecting the correct Reading Glasses power is simple.

  • Print off the chart below, make sure it prints off measuring 13cm
  • Ready down the line of writing, the first line you struggle to read Is the power you require

If you are just starting out with reading glasses basically start with a +1.00 / +1.50 and as you feel your vision is becoming a little blurred order a set of reading glasses the next strength up.

NOTE: you must still have regular sight tests to ensure your eye health is being looked after.

Reading Glasses