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Reading Sunglasses

Reading sunglasses in all Power ranges

Ready reader sunglasses are important as protection in the sun for your eyes is vital. The best way to achieve this is by using reading sunglasses.

These will provide 100% UV protection, available in different tints including brown and grey. We will explain what the different tints do and which ones will fit your personal needs.

Ready reader sunglasses offer great value for money. Protect your eyes from UV damage and are available in great fitting and stylish frames.

Many cheap reading sunglasses don’t have the correct sun protection so as well as quilting you will end up physically hurting your eyes.

What to look for in Reading Sunglasses

The fit is important. Reading sunglasses tend to have a heavier style to them in order to make them feel and look like genuine sunglasses.

With this in mind its important to get good quality material so the ready reader sunglasses don’t feel heavy on your nose.

Ready reader sunglasses plastics can often feel not well put together and brittle, our sunglasses feel solid and robust.

We have parcifically selected glasses materials that offer durability .Whilst having lightweight properties to make sure your ready reader sunglasses feel comfortably to wear.

You will more than likely be sitting outside for prolonged periods reading in the sunshine so the nose pad comfort will be paramount. Luckily at extreme eyewear we have done the hard work for you.

Deliberately chosen ready reader sunglasses we know will deliver comfort no matter how long you end up wearing them.

Selecting the correct ready reader sunglasses power

Chosing the correct reading sunglasses power is easy. You have options in +0.50 steps from +1.00 to +4.00.

If you’re just starting out select the lower powers. As you feel the smaller print is getting slightly out of focus or you are having to bring the words closer towards you select the next power up.

If you are already wearing reading sunglasses its more than likely that the power of them is written on the inside of the side.

Important, it is important to have regular eye test to ensure your eye health is looked after.

Chosing the best Reading Sunglasses Tint

The two most popular tints are grey and brown, with ready reader sunglasses tints being to a British standard 85% absorption.

Reading sunglasses grey tint is the darkest colour and will offer the best protection in bright sunlight. With the biggest disadvantage being that grey has no contrast so can’t be used as well in overcast conditions.

Brown ready reader sunglasses give great contrasts for mixed weather conditions. Whilst still offer good protection in bright sunlight. They won’t be as good as grey reading glasses in the bright sun.

Warranty on ready reader sunglasses

All reading sunglasses come with a 1-year warranty. If you have a manufacturers fault with in one year we will replace / repair the sunglasses.

Reading indoors and in the sunshine

If you have already sorted your sunglasses but need clear reading glasses extreme-eyewear have a fantastic range. This includes rimless, folding and bold designs. Even computer reading glasses which reduce eye strain.

Right Eye

Left Eye

Pupillary Distance (PD)

Reading sunglasses come with two glasses tints options.

Grey - offers the greatest protection against bright sunlight

But doesn’t offer any contrast for mixed weather conditions.

Brown - offers the best option for mixed weather contions including overcast conditions. But isn’t as good in bright light, however it is adequate.


Both ready reader sunglasses tints offer 100% UV protection and are hard coated to protect against everyday wear and tear.

Reading Sunglasses